01:45 GMT +326 February 2017
    Russian military aviation at Hmeymim airbase in Syria

    Give Peace a Chance: Russia Has Changed the Course of the Syrian War

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    Russian Jets Withdraw From Syria (71)

    Russia’s aerial campaign in Syria has changed the course of the five-year conflict and Moscow’s decision to withdraw its Air Force units from Syria now that the process of a peaceful settlement has been started fully reflects the open-hearted nature of Russia’s position, several leading political scientists told RIA Novosti.

    Konstantin Kostin, director of the Civil Society Development Foundation, said that the events of the past few weeks had proved the efficiency of the Russian-proposed peace roadmap for Syria and underscored the efficacy of Moscow’s military campaign there.

    “We all remember that the Russian pullout was preceded by the start of a political settlement process and a ceasefire… It is against this particular background that I would like to talk about the Russian military withdrawal from Syria,” Konstantin Kostin noted.

    Dmitry Badovsky, the head of the Institute of Socio-Political Studies in Moscow, said that Russian intervention in the Syrian conflict reversed the course of the war.

    “I see Russia’s aerial campaign of the past five months in Syria as the ultimate example of the use of the so-called ‘smart force,’" he said, adding that it had come after months of Western inactivity and lip service paid to the need to root out the scourge of terrorism.

    To this Konstantin Kostin added that Russia had helped kick-start the process of a political settlement in Syria.

    “Speaking of regional security, we now have everything we need to move towards a lasting peace in Syria, especially now that they are going to hold elections there about a month from now,” he said.

    When asked about the way the decision to withdraw the Russian Air Force units from Syria could reflect on Russia’s relations with the West, Konstantin Kostin said that it spoke volumes about the open-hearted nature of Moscow’s policy.

    “Russia has always said that our ultimate goal is to fight terrorists and ensure a political solution to the Syrian crisis,” Kostin noted, adding that the order to bring the Russian military contingent back home coincided with the start of the much-awaited process of a political settlement of the five-year-old civil war in Syria.

    On March 14 President Vladimir Putin announced his decision to  start withdrawing Russia’s main forces in Syria, saying that the military campaign had largely achieved its objectives.

    Russian Jets Withdraw From Syria (71)


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      And maybe, HOPEFULLY NOT, have precipitated plan B.
      Kurd's declared Kurdistan a nation.
      Push up or shut up.

      The war will begin with Kurd's armed to take over Damascus. that's the west dreams.

      And if it happens, Russia should get involved. Because ISRAEL is the one behind it all. They stealing lands from Palestine's, and want Kurd's to do the same.
      With HORRENDOUS results in Turkey.
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      In some months Russia changed the course in Syria, to be compared with USA and allies bombing and destroying the country for years. And now the Ukrainian authorities aren't willing to able elections until in some years to come.
      Anyone who recognises the pattern of war as enabling elections earlier ruins the plans of the war provocations against Russia.
      Reading this article on global research gives so complete information of the real War Hawks: the USA government with the Secretary of State claiming evidence that Russia was responsible for the tragedy of MH17.
      So where is the evidence........you don't say ........the dogs ate it?
      No! ........what! .....had to be used to replace the American flag on the moon! How interesting!
      And the lives of the people who lost their relatives on MH17, are they to fly to the moon to get the evidence?
      Response from the WH and Secretary of State: well, we have to look into that.....!
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      teddy j
      to give peace a chance --

      countries should ensure ONE thing :

      KEEP the USA out of the scene. where the USA goes -- TROUBLE follows. or trouble grows.

      it's a law of nature.
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      teddy jin reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)

      CAST235 -- russia has just issued a statement calling Israel's

      expansion "an illegal act in occupied palestinian territory -- and this needs to be examined closely".

      note that this is the RUSSIAN FOREIGN MINISTRY --

      using the words

      "OCCUPIED palestinian territory" by israel -- and calling that occupation '"illegal|" but does not stop there - Ministry of great russia also calls for ''examining this matter".

      israel is being put on notice by russia ......no MORE HANKY PANKY and games - RESPECT the palestinian people's rights. and imo, russia is giving a signal to the palestinians that they HAVE a friend - russia.
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