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    Sergei Shoigu inspects Teykovo Guards Missile Division and Yars land-based mobile missile system

    Doomsday Weapon: Russia’s New Missile Shocks and Dazzles US, China

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    Russia’s advanced RS-26 intercontinental ballistic missile has raised admiring eyebrows of military experts everywhere, the official Rossiiskaya Gazeta newspaper wrote.

    In a Chinese television program aired earlier this month a local defense expert hailed the unique characteristics of the Russian ICBM and the fear it had instilled in the hearts of foreign militaries, Rossiiskaya Gazeta wrote.

    “Russia’s new RS-26 missile travels along a continuously changing trajectory and as such it has no analogues in the world,” the expert said.

    When asked about the US missile defense system, he said that it was “absolutely useless” against the RS-26.

    “This one is even better than the famous Topol-M missile… Its warheads are supersonic and change their course all the time. Some of them will penetrate any existing missile defense shield and will hit their target,” the expert added.

    When asked whether the new Russian ICBM had caught the Americans flatfooted, the expert said that not only the Americans were clueless but that the Chinese too now had something to worry about.

    “Russia is 100-percent safe now, unlike everybody else,” he emphasized.

    What makes the RS-26 so special is that even though it weighs just 80 tons, compared to the 120-ton heft of its RS-24 Yars predecessor, the Rubezh packs a frightening 1,2 megatons into its four 300 kiloton warheads.

    With a potential range of 11,000 kilometers the RS-26 can hit targets all across the United States.

    Moreover, its booster stage is down to under five minutes, which means that NATO radars in Europe will have no time to register the launch.

    Adding to NATO air defenders’ worries, during the descending section of its trajectory, with only a few hundred kilometers left to the target, the missile’s warheads suddenly take a dive, lose altitude, and continue the approach as a cruise missile.

    These new Russian ICBM warheads were developed in response to America’s plans to deploy a global missile defense system along Russia's borders.

    The RS-26 Rubezh is expected to become operational in 2016.


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    • Kim Kyu-Unin reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      Sorry I destroyed the entire planet yesterday.
      That was a fatal error to make.
      Perhaps it's best to stay out of politics.

      P.S. That RS-26 missile don't scare nobody. It's a humiliation
      attempting to enhance your street cred that way..
    • Kim Kyu-Unin reply toAnton KOMAROV(Show commentHide comment)
      Anton KOMAROV,
      Nobody EVER questioned the existence of Nuclear Weapons in Space,
      as portrayed in that movie. It was just always accepted as a given.
      Please cite your refutation of it, if you only believe in documentaries.
    • ivanwa88
      Kim Kyu-Un you are a comedian and a chameleon? lets face it by Russia now having a complete nuclear arsenal fully operational that can flatten USA it kinda takes the stuffing out of the Turkey!

      It is very important to not forget USA was first to develop and use a nuclear bomb on a nation *2 and the only one to do so!

      For 3 years after Soviet Union had saved the world from Nazis the world set in motion in 1946 plans to nuke 50 major population centres in the Soviet Union which included Ukraine kinda makes a mockery of the current situation there.....back to truth before plan could be executed and after vicious frightening rhetoric from allies against Soviet Union they successfully tested their own bomb on 27th of August 1949 Thus ending an attempt to cripple a nation already reeling from nearly 20 million in losses to joint axis forces now claimed to have been as high as 11 million virtually 90% of axis forces in first major wave were exterminated.

    • Kim Kyu-Unin reply toAnton KOMAROV(Show commentHide comment)
      Anton KOMAROV,
      Never saw the return of Tomato Man, or killer Tomatoes or whatever.
      Does that movie have references to Nuclear Weapons in Space?
    • ivanwa88
      Correction: 90% casualties of first wave not all KIA includes wounded also sick and injured.
    • Kim Kyu-Un

      Okay, if you say so. Glad it makes you feel confident in yourself.
      But, It just doesn't really scare anyone over here, though. :)

      That's okay, perfection in statistics doesn't matter, after the Cold War.
      So many hundreds of millions of people were doomed, that it loses all meaning.
    • ivanwa88
      I'm sure it will scare enough Americans to vote out the warmongers in US? and that's fine by me.

      Personally a world moratorium should decree that nuclear weapons can only be aimed at military installations and bases.

      Would have a positive spin off on many levels think about it!!?

      P.S. who are you routing for?
    • Anton KOMAROVin reply toKim Kyu-Un(Show commentHide comment)
      Kim Kyu-Un, ok ...let me take one only chance to explain...when i say, Primo ..."not even a Documentary..." that implies that Documentaries which are supposed to state facts (That will be subject to interpretation) are subject to heavy critics and debate. A movie's aim is to generate profit by entertainment and very often the stuff is....exagerated...as for nuclear weapon in space ...well that is not out of technological capabilities, despite all my patient search i never felt on one reliable reference.....(once again the possibility do exist like many things even the smurfs)...that being said i apologise if you have access to sources that i do not and if so...enjoy
    • Kim Kyu-Unin reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      ivanwa88, scaring Americans would make the warmongers more popular.
      Forget the moratorium, because the US would bomb Russia despite any treaty, any warning, and violate any international agreement.

      The only thing the US requires is a "winning solution" and they will gleefully kill off 99% of the inhabitants of the planet, just so they can "win the nuclear war" and start over again.

      I guess we are now talking about the murder of 7 billion people. No problem for these guys. They just want to "win the game" at all costs.

      I am rooting for Pyongyang, North Korea.
      Marshal Kim Jong Un is the greatest leader in the entire world.
      Under his beneficent leadership, the city of Pyongyang will become the center of the world, and the DPRK will become the richest and most powerful country in the world. Even more powerful than Russia, the US, and China combined.
      The DPRK has several trillions of dollars worth of rare earth metals.
    • ivanwa88
      Kim apart from some of the exaggerations you tend to indulge yourself with! many many people would agree with you. Certainly in principal, as the intent of a nation is its ideological driver.

      The history of US started with the massacre of 50-60 million Indians according to Indian Chiefs that post on this site.
      From there it only got worse! with nuclear war of course its the survivability afterwards that becomes the critical mass and a relatively unknown phenomenon.

      To the extend now that nuclear tipped seems to be the way of thinking with missiles aimed at military bases and strategic areas. Therefore its precise targeting that becomes the golden goose.

      Keep the economy relatively intact including pastures and industry whilst destroying military and Intelligence infrastructure. With the use of 5000-6000 precisely targeted nuclear tipped missiles.

      In this way 95% of the population survives and can thrive again very quickly with fresh leadership on all upper levels.

    • iamgogmagog666
      This is a gob smacking glorius development, it renders all US missile defense systems obsolete. What brilliant technology the Russians have made in their military systems. Russians are the best white people in History, they are a friend to the world, unlike the west who are the enemy to the world.
    • cmat.wolfgangin reply toKim Kyu-Un(Show commentHide comment)
      Kim Kyu-Un,
      what are you talking about "The extra-terrestrial Aliens"?
      Are those "Extras" close to you and you can trust them?
      Makes live much easier.
      Hope for you that you can:-)
    • cmat.wolfgang
      If a country is forced to develop such weapons it will actually do that and be successful. Of course it would be better to live without such weapons, however, if you have a bad neighbor you must adjust.

      Here in the West most Money is now distributed to Social Science, Psychology, and all kinds of political science for the pampering of migrants and Math, Physics, and Engeneering is completely out because even you are good, you wouldn't make much Money. It's similar in the US, without Chinese and Indian students there wouldn't be any Grad programs in Science anymore. Native Americans want to be lawyers and medical doctors, since you can't pay off your Student loan on an Engineering wage.
    • in reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      ivanwa88, any treaty regarding targeting of nuclear weapons would not be worth the paper it was written on, not after war breaks out.

      Anyway, the real destruction after a nuclear strike will not be from the strike or its subsequent fallout, it will be from all the nuclear power reactors in the affected country, now severely damaged, without operators that will unhindered, melt down spectacularly, spewing the 1000's of tonnes of spent nuclear fuel stored on the site in the spent fuel pools from decades of operation, into the air, contaminating the oceans and the whole world.

      Anyone who thinks a nuclear war can be won in a first strike is so terribly misguided. Just imagine what the Fukushima accident would have been like if the Japanese staff had abandoned the site, not done anything to stop the meltdown, prevent the spent fuel pools from boiling dry and burning up? Now multiply that by 50-100 times for all the nuclear reactors in operation.
    • Pentagonisabeast
      As a warning,point some at Tel Aviv and Washington.That's the only language the warmongering partners understand.These two wacko back stabbers think Russia's smartness stopped with the collapse of the Soviet Union.It's rather now their stupidity will bite them
    • Annin reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      ivanwa88, The US can 'demand' any damned thing it wants - GETTING IT is another story. Especially in THIS climate, Russia would be crazy to drop their arsenal of anything. I think we're all wise to the US' tricks and deceptions.
    • Annin reply tomargaridaoulman(Show commentHide comment)
      margaridaoulman, Whatever they do, it will be irrational, stupid and aggressive.
    • Annin reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      ivanwa88, I don't think it's the computer that is being "retentive"
    • Annin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, they may have to reconsider their beliefs about what can be done...AND GOTTEN AWAY WITH.
    • michaelin reply toAnn(Show commentHide comment)
      Ann, that's too true! :)
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