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    Russian Military Experts to Develop 'Soft Power' Concept - Reports

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    Russia’s Kommersant daily reported Tuesday that the country's military theorists are ready to develop soft power concepts to respond to hybrid warfare with similar methods.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russian military theorists plan to respond to hybrid warfare with similar methods and prepare to develop soft power concepts, Russia’s Kommersant daily reported Tuesday, citing a senior military official’s report.

    The daily cited Russian Chief of General Staff Valery Gerasimov’s report at the Academy of Military Science meeting held over the weekend. Gerasimov described so-called color revolutions, cyberattacks and soft power activities as integral parts of hybrid warfare.

    "Since ‘color revolutions’ that the Ministry of Defense in fact deems state coups are one form of hybrid warfare, responding to them using conventional troops is impossible: they can only be counteracted with the same hybrid methods," his report was quoted as saying.

    Gerasimov mentioned the Russian Aerospace Forces’ campaign in Syria as an example of integrated efforts to counter terrorist organizations through means, including diplomatic and other non-military methods of interaction with other countries.

    Military experts attending the meeting called for a serious approach toward developing a soft power concept, noting that "some of its elements are already in Russia’s foreign policy concept, but they are only outlined in strokes and are largely copied from foreign groundwork in this domain."


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      the ante has been upped.
    • avatar
      Russians are excellent in this type of game. The fact that all those Soros NGOs are outlawed in Russia says a lot. Keep up the good work.
      In contrast, European countries have fallen victim to propaganda. Their puppet governments have put it in the school texbooks and have brainwashed the children. Propaganda is in the media where the truth is twisted without mercy. Now, their countries are invaded and occupied by millions of unwelcome guests.
      However, Russia can exploit a small but widening crack in the system. It has to do more by approaching the Western voters who are naturally awaken due to their ideology, those that care about their soil and their future generations and fight against the Soros-type systems.
    • Kim Kyu-Un
      The best "soft power" is an all female KGB intelligence division.
    • Beady-eyed Insomniac
      Only way to keep abreast of developments - soft power
    • BlueStar
      It is certain that Russia will dominate this field without a peer, upon entry, being a nation whose leadership displays Hybrid-Logic already. Best of luck as we will be entertained to see a combination of Logic, Rationality, Morality, Astuteness, Decisiveness, Politeness and Lethality, all of which the current power in The Kremlin represents.
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      Color revolutions always have a shadow cabinet with an economic program, and as we can see with Saakashvilli, Americans move their specialist workers from one country to the other to undertake the job.
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