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    The latest missile ship project 11661K Dagestan (right), which becomes part of the Caspian Flotilla, in Makhachkala seaport. Left: the rocket ship Tatarstan. The Dagestan is the first ship of the Russian Navy armed with a new universal missile complex Caliber-NK, capable of applying several types of high-precision missiles manufactured using stealth technology.

    Caspian Flotilla Readies Guns for Defender of the Fatherland Day Salute

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    On February 23 Russia’s Caspian Flotilla will mark the Defender of the Fatherland Day with a 30-salvo salute, the press service of the Southern Military District said on Tuesday.

    “At 9.00 pm Moscow time Caspian Flotilla gunners will fire 30 salvos from 125mm and 105mm Raduga salute systems and the legendary WW2-era 76mm ZIS-6 cannons,” the SMD said in a statement.

    Hidden away in the inland Caspian Sea, the flotilla has long been used for the testing of experimental weapons away from the prying eyes of other navies, Zvezda TV wrote.

    Although it is fairly modest in size, the flotilla is unique in that it also carries Russia's newest naval weaponry.

    It is from here that Russia's cruise missile strikes against Daesh targets in Syria were launched in October 2015.

    The Kalibr cruise missiles launched at Daesh positions 1,200 kilometers away in Syria were based on three missile boats and one Gepard-class frigate.

    The Caspian Flotilla is based in Astrakhan and has two frigates along with seven small missile and artillery ships, as well as 22 smaller boats.

    It has experienced significant modernization since around 2010, receiving nearly all of its new ships, including the ones where the missiles were launched.


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