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    Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

    Russia’s PM Medvedev Warns of New War if US, Arab Troops Invade Syria

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    As Turkey and Saudi Arabia edge closer to sending ground forces into Syria at the behest of the United States, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has warned that an escalation of the conflict could lead to another war in the world.

    During an interview with German newspaper Handelsblatt, Medvedev warned of dire consequences if the United States and its allies abandon Syrian peace talks in favor of deploying ground forces.

    "All ground operations, as a rule, lead to permanent wars," he said. "Look at what is going on in Afghanistan and a number of other countries. I don’t even mention the ill-fated Libya.

    "The Americans must consider — both the US president and our Arab partners — whether or not they want a permanent war."

    All sides should instead focus on implementing peace talks.

    "We must make everyone sit down to the negotiating table, and we can do it by using, among other things, the harsh measures that are being implemented by Russia, the Americans, and even, with all reservations, the Turks, rather than start yet another war in the world."

    Any direct involvement by foreign players on behalf of the Syrian opposition will only worsen the violence.

    "We may differ in our opinions of certain political leaders but it is not a good enough reason to begin intervention or to stir up unrest from within."

    Moscow has long-stressed the need to support the legitimate government of President Bashar al-Assad in the fight against terrorism. Working alongside the Syrian Army, Russian airstrikes have had a severe impact on Daesh, also known as IS/Islamic State.

    "…We must sit down at the same table, but our partners avoid this," Medvedev said. "That is, there have been some occasional meetings, telephone conversations and contacts between our militaries. But in this situation we should create a full-scale alliance to fight this evil."

    The Prime Minister also criticized Europe’s handling of the migrant crisis. The continent is facing an increased risk of terrorist attack because of its decision to open its borders, and this only highlights the need for international cooperation against terrorism.

    "Some of these people — and it’s not just a few strange individuals or utter scoundrels, but hundreds and possibly thousands — are entering Europe as potential time bombs, and they will fulfill their missions as robots when they are told to," he said.

    "We are not trying to rule the world or impose our regulations on it, though we are accused regularly of having such ambitions” he added. “That is not so — we are a pragmatic people who realise that no one can shoulder responsibility for the whole world, not even the United States of America."


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      Thinking out loud: If NATO does start a war with Russia in Syria, then Ukraine and Yemen may become part of it. The very unpredictable part for NATO is that nations who previously thought resistance was futile may flip on NATO. If NATO keeps pushing, it may get a lot more than it ever anticipated.
    • Baybarsin reply tormpblue(Show commentHide comment)
      rmpblue, Although I am quite sure your logic is acceptable to many in your country, I am missing the reasoning behind your country attacking Syria (or Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) in the first place.

      Since the 'weapons of mass destruction' and 'chemical weapons' excuses for invading soveriegn nations have been put to bed, your country has become the world bully for what reason? Oil? Money?
    • Baybarsin reply toDrain the swamp(Show commentHide comment)
      WW3 is here, Yes, it is. Occupied Palestine Yiddish.
    • Ann
      "no one can shoulder responsibility for the whole world, not even the United States of America"

      Well said, Medvedev
    • Ann in reply tormpblue(Show commentHide comment)
      rmpblue, Stop waving your US flag, you're raising a dust cloud...
    • Ann in reply tosiberianhusky(Show commentHide comment)
      siberianhusky, they "adopted" half of Adolph's inner circle, of course they also adopted the ideology.
    • Ann in reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, Too much, if you ask me.
    • Ann in reply toptcjm(Show commentHide comment)
      ptcjm, Is it just me, but when I thumb up a comment, it goes to a minus, then I thumb up a second time and it goes to zero or plus one. Does anyone else notice the malfunction in the voting on this page?
    • Ann
      Bob Hoferer, Fortunately, their favorite scapegoats are not playing along this time around.
    • Ann in reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, that would be a bonus to see nation after nation tell NATO to go kick rocks.
    • Ann in reply toBaybars(Show commentHide comment)
      Baybars, He's a robot flag waver. He doesn't even consider anything other than what his western media spews at him. He's a lot like a dog, taught to sit on command and bark with the appropriate hand signal. He doesn't even realize it.
    • Would Constantinople be free !!, Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill working on this ? with a short fast ww3
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      I noticed the Prime Minister's name at least five times today, as I was reading through Sputnik.
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      Flip the page folks. The greatest fib telling spyco is beating russian version of FIBGANDA 2016. Billary for prison 2016
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      Well at least when WWIII hits it wont be Americans or Russians getting killed. Good luck Mid East Arabs. Please dont send word on how chemicals and radiation tastes as we have no need for it.
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      The US has been in various states of war readiness since the passage of the National Security Act of 1947. This document trumps their Constitution, as evidenced by the fact that every single American President since its passage has used his military and intelligence services to sabotage, disrupt, or invade some foreign country. Even Carter's not completely clean.

      Obama has no clue how to conduct foreign policy with Russia and China, he has proven one of their worst. I don't think as poorly of Medvedev as some regulars here, but he's really not that special with guys like Lavrov and Kissinger around. But next to Obama's or Biden's canned nonsense, Medvedev's clear and precise delivery seems almost surreal, even mildly shocking. Once again he proves that even a bland Russian can make a supposedly genius American look like a complete idiot. What a difference.
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      Bob Hoferer, yes absolutely. I never trusted Obama and his apparent will to prevent a big war because during this time Soros & CO is doing his best to activate it. The game is clear: trigger a WWIII but put the blame on Russia. US Oligarchy consists of a group of degenerate psychopaths and I don't think that even Russia can stop this madness, simply because Rockefeller & Co want this war and there are people working for them everywhere now.
    • They have already invaded, for years now they are there. USA UK France NATO Israel Zionists Saudi Jordan Turks, etc. have invaded and are operating there.

      A more open and seriously executed War, is the only solution to this ever constant on tracked NATO Zionist Saudi Axis threat..

      It is such times we really see what this version of Russia is really like. This is not a time to talk and warn. This is a time for action long due.

      *** Free Viktor Bout and All Pro-Russians, tortured, missing, murdered and or falsely imprisoned, in USA and NATO Secret Prison Axis, Account For All, Remember and Lawfully Avenge All Forevermore.***
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      US military was crossing the Iraq-Syrian border back in 2008. The NATO countries are militarily aggressive as nazi Germany-Italy-Japan were in 1941.
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      cmat.wolfgangin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas ,
      NATO, including USA and European countries, will not start a war with Russia. It would turn very fast nuclear and nobody really knows what would happen then. NO Us president would like to have all Major cities killed, from New York to Los Angeles and from Houston to Chicago. Its all just sable rattling to scare Russia and Assad.

      However, a proxy war by some Sunni countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia would probably get a very secretive okay from the White House.

      And as Medwedjew said, this could lead to WW3. Because I don't think Russia would fall for a local war in Syria. Russia would probably take out something like Ankara or Riadh, or even both. And then would wait if the US president blinks.
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