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    Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov meets with Foreign Minister of Bahrein Khalid bin Ahmad Al Khalifa

    Western Sanctions Against Moscow Could Last Decades - Lavrov

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    The Western sanctions against Russia may last 'decades', Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The sanctions war between Russia and the West may drag on for decades, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

    Moskovsky Komsomolets, a Russian daily, asked Lavrov how long the current sanctions could last, and if he could compare them to sanctions the US had imposed in the past. He replied, “the [US] Jackson-Vanik [amendment] was in force for more than 20 years and was only shelved because the Americans understood the likelihood of economic trade losses after we joined the [World Trade Union]. Retaining these sanctions against us meant that they wouldn't have been able to reap the benefits of lower customs tariffs with us within the framework of the WTO.” 

    He added that the worsening of relations between Washington and Moscow wasn't due to the situation in Ukraine and Syria. 

    “After having rescinded Jackson-Vanik, [the United States] immediately passed the Magnitsky law with a sigh of relief that they could continue to keep the Russians ‘on the hook.’ This is an example of what’s going on; it's not because of Ukraine or Syria. It’s simply that Washington can't tolerate [the thought of] our country becoming stronger and having its own view on things.”

    Lavrov also said that the United States had continued its policy by attempting to disrupt the Winter Olympics in Sochi, even popularizing the idea of boycotting the games.


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    • avatar
      Absolutely .... Iran 37 years (bar 1 day ) and still going on !

      So import Ban remains in lce until Every Western Sanction, removed .... LOL !
    • sophm0e38
      Exactly. The US wants a weak Russia and the EU are colonial-minded enough to join in.
    • avatar
      Just get over it Sergei. Take it as such and move on. There are other countries around the world than EU and the USA. Who cares! When the French and the German diplomacy comes to beg for cooperation just say 10bn Euro or I will send the buses to Syria! :)
    • avatar
      All the more reason to make Russia independent of US in every way possible & encourage every other country to do the same !
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      bangein reply tobackfromthegraav(Show commentHide comment)
      backfromthegraav, did it work, no. I have said this before that sanction doesn't work, but ,still the west doesn't get it.
      Russia has stronger partners that it can cooperate with without feeling more economical pressure. But it is europe the colony of us that is really feeling the burden not russia.
      The world is evolving and we cannot have forever one powerful country on earth. That is why today we have Russia,China and US. The last one should accept the two first mentioned so the world can leave in peace.
      Using sanction to deny, undermine the progress or power of other cannot work. Let 's enjoy the achievement of other instead.
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      backfromthegraavin reply tobange(Show commentHide comment)
      bange, Agree Sanctions Do not Work ... If you have friends / If you have assets you develop products in country / buy from Friends !
      I Agrre EU / Europe are struggling and even if Sanctions (all Western Sanctions) were removed Today .... it does not mean anything would change for EU/Europe as Contracts have lapsed .... and so would need to be re negotiated from scratch - a lengthy process, assuming their is something EU/Europe can supply to Russia, that Russia needs or wants from EU/Europe !
      As to Peace .. Americuns do have that word in thier volcabulary !
    • avatar
      and I think that it is an advantage - the proviso being that Russia can develop their agricultural sector to service both, internal and external demands. This then leading to a stronger position of independence in the world leading to stronger partnerships.
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