16:39 GMT +327 February 2017
    Russia's Security Council meeting

    Foreign Reconnaissance Main Threat to Russian Security - Security Council

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    Russian Security Council Secretary aide Alexander Grebyonkin said that reconnaissance and other activities by foreign special forces are the main threats to Russia’s security.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) Reconnaissance and other activities by foreign special forces are the main threats to Russia’s security, Russian Security Council Secretary Aide Alexander Grebyonkin said Wednesday.

    “The main threats to the country’s security remain to be reconnaissance and other activities by special forces and organizations of foreign states, terrorist and extremist organizations, criminal organizations and groups, as well as radical social cooperations,” Grebyonkin said.


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      MR. Cameron is quite interesting as a representative for state terroristm and somehow the Egyptian question seems to come to mind: english.ahram.org.eg/NewsContent/1/64/162712/Egypt/Politics-/Egypt-surprised-by-David-Camerons-remar
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      Time to begin to clean the house.
      First to revive the old Soviet KGB cars. With squeaking brakes!!! to watch opposition . With big antennae. that way they think Russia in TATTERS. This opposition are followers of the "CARROTS ON STICKS" that NULAND, KERRY, TEFFT and Washington E.U bring. They PAY to do like the 90's. They salivating because all CIS EEU members are signing NOT CIS EEU, but E.U DEALS!!!! Russia REFUSE to create a CIS EEU commission so they be there and pass own laws and humanitarian laws. NOT E.U. Same STU....Ignorance that drove Gorbachev and Yeltsin to destroy Russia. Georgia left for same reason plus a coup. Ukraine was a coup. And many more left.
      Is NOT that E.U is better. Is NOT. It brings ..LOANS and Bail Outs. But E.U have institutions that make them FEEL they belong to something. each institution carries propaganda , lies and of course a narrative.
      IF Russia want to keep countries in EEU CIS, Russia MUST BUILD.. Own Commission where members discuss daily all year. A PACE analogue. An OSCE ANALOGUE, But if anyone goes to Moscow and ask where is PACE like for EEU and CIS?... " out partners"... They LEAVE.,

      Look at WADA. ANYTHING that E.U creates they branded World or international. To the point that IF they disapprove something , they say.. " The international community"/ Still Russia refuse to wake up.
      Still Russia discovered that the doping problem was not Russia ONLY issue. But the boss, a west PUPPET decided to pinpoint Russia just because " I WANT".
      Russia MUST wake up. After this, create own international org, place CIS EEU in it. Then try SCO BRICS and many others that are fed up, of west BULL HORN. Argentina will jump in , maybe, Venezuela, maybe Cuba, Just begin creating. Once Russia have own SWIFT analogue , card pay sys. it be time for internet.. begin in Russia. Then the same CIS EEU, and there continue. That SWIFT ANALOGUE can be used for BRICS.
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      I would have thought that there were other more potent threats to Russian security. Missile bases in adjoining countries, concentrated and prolonged propaganda, fiscal manipulation. Hmmm... something further to consider.
    • Porkbelly Porkerpig
      Western Marketing & Promotional tactics are actually
      the greatest threat to Russia.
      90% of it is pure smokescreen.
      Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree.
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