03:03 GMT +325 February 2017
    Kremlin, Moscow

    Moscow 'Extremely Concerned' Over Reports N Korea Tested Hydrogen Bomb

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    Russian President Vladimir Putin had given instructions for specialists to carefully study all measurement bases to include seismological stations to analyze and confirm Pyongyang’s earlier announcement of successfully detonating a hydrogen bomb.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Moscow is extremely concerned over allegations that North Korea has tested a hydrogen bomb, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Wednesday.

    “Moscow is extremely concerned over information that has appeared that North Korea has tested a hydrogen bomb,” Peskov said.

    “President Vladimir Putin has given instructions to carefully study the data of all measurement stations, including seismological stations, and to analyze the situation if information on the tests are confirmed,” Peskov added.

    Earlier on Wednesday, an earthquake occurred in South Korea, prompting Seoul's suspicions that Pyongyang had performed a nuclear test. North Korea subsequently confirmed that it had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb.


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    • Ieró̱ny mos
      Oh! Spear us the phony outrage. Unless the main powers of the world, plus Isreal, lead by example in scrapping their nuclear weapons for good, they have NO right to complain; what the DPRK has done is none of Russia's "extreme concern," nor the UN for that matter since The DPRK is exercising its soveriegn right to test dangerous weapons as the BIG boys are allowed to do. This is a classic example of Imperialistic privilledge, as much as I like Putin.
    • avatar
      American media will blame Russia in 3...2...1...
    • avatar
      poeg11in reply toIeró̱ny mos(Show commentHide comment)
      Ieró̱ny mos, Not really. If anything, they're putting some context to the next "Fear Assad and Shia terrorists" special on CNN and Fox News.
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      Ivan Zadorozhny
      Unless North Korea broke any laws, it is perfectly within its rights to test the bomb.
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      Congratulations to N Korea, N Korean leader and the great N Korean people!!!

      N Korea is exemplary to all sovereign nations targeted by the United States for regime changes. Nowadays, sovereign nations realise that not to nuclearise means absolutely certain US military threats and US military invasions!

      Remember just as Russia and China opted for nuclear capability to prevent nuclear blackmail from the United States, other sovereign nations (N Korea, Iran ....) are naturally and equally justified and entitled to develop nuclear and missile delivery capabilities to defend their own sovereignty. And to hell with all and sundry sanctions/options from 'friends and foes' alike to blackmail and to demilitarise your own defence.

      Denuclearisation is sovereign suicide for N Korea, Iran .....

      No hypocrisy here, please Russia, China .....

      N Korea realises that no 'friends nor foes' would come to its aid should the US/Japan invade N Korea. Self reliance is the best way to deter US Global Tyranny, what better mode than with nuclear and missile delivery capabilities!

      Russia would not come to the aid of N Korea should the US invade N Korea. Neither would China for that matter. Of course both Russia and China would nuke the United States should the US even dare to initiate a nuclear war with either one of both of them.

      The options are quite obvious to N Korea, Iran and many others. Self reliance in the defence of your own sovereignty is mere common sense, period.

      Now the peoples of the World hopefully and happily await for N Korea to successfully develop its own Hypersonic ICBMs to wipe out the entire East coast of the United States (Washington, New York ....) under 45 minutes (over the N pole)......and Tokyo of course, under 5 minutes should the United States and its Asian dog (s) even dare to invade N Korea. And the peoples of the World would earnestly look forward to that.

      The United States understands only one language - its own nuclear annihilation. And of course the Russians can turn the United States to radioactive dusts in a heart beat! China is rapidly catching up (if not already) in being able to turn the United States into radioactive dusts! And the course of action for N Korea and Iran and others should be a simultaneous EMP attack (nuclear bomb exploded 300 miles above the United States) and Hypersonic ICBMs at every city in the United States.

      We need more sovereign nations with backbone and self reliance in their defiance of US Global Tyranny and in their defence of their own sovereignty!

      Without a nuclear deterrent today, Russia with a population of mere 142 millions, compared with EU's of 510 millions and a US population of 326 millions, would have been invaded and dismembered by the United States and its dogs. Similarly had Mao not made a decision in the Fifties for China to go nuclear, China would have been colonised and dismembered.by now.

      So why Russia and China could go nuclear to defend themselves against US Global Tyranny and small sovereign nations like N Korea, Iran and others are not allowed to? Why such hypocrisy and self righteousness on the part of the bigger powers? Who would have been more dangerous to have nuclear weapons - United States or N Korea? The US had used atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The US has a proven track record of threatening many sovereign nations including China with nuclear annihilation.

      The last few decades have proven that the United States has a vile agenda and is undeniably absolutely a dangerous nuclear power!

      Now with a miniaturised hydrogen bomb tested, euphemistically N Korea has already weaponised its hydrogen bombs, they can strike any enemy who dare to invade N Korea. So will Russia and China should the United States and NATO invade Russia and China!

      So let's stop these worldwide parroting sanctimonious accusations, downgrading, racism and self righteousness! As long as US Global Tyranny continues to destabilise, devastate, invade and terrorise the World of Nations, every sovereign country can go nuclear and acquire the respective delivery systems. Failure to do so would invite US terrorism, destabilisation .... and US military invasion.

      Would Russia want to be helpless like smaller sovereign nations? Would China want that too?
      You have to be moronic, absolutely naive, gullible and stupid to believe otherwise.

      As long as US Global Tyranny continues to perpetrate its evil agenda against all nations, be they its friends or foes, there will never be peace on earth.

      So therefore, N Korea, its leader and the great N Korean people deserves a break and should be congratulated by the peoples of the World.

      Go N Korea Go!
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