15:48 GMT +324 February 2017
    Visitors look at St Petersburg diesel electric submarine of the Lada class at the International Maritime Defense Show in St Petersburg. File photo

    Sea Ghost: New Russian Submarine is Stealthier Than a 'Black Hole'

    © Sputnik/ Alexei Danichev
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    Russia’s newest silent submarine is even stealthier than its sneaky predecessor.

    The stealth capabilities of Russia’s new Lada-class diesel-electric submarines far exceed those of their predecessors, Admiraty Shipyard’s CEO Alexander Buzakov told the Russian press.

    According to Buzakov, the new vessels are even stealthier than Russian Kilo-class submarines, thought to be one of the quietest diesel-electric submarine classes in the world and dubbed "black holes" for their ability to "disappear” from sonars.

    The new submarines are able to maintain such a low profile thanks to a clever implementation of a next-generation anti-reflective acoustic coating and a new improved hydro-acoustic system, Buzakov said.

    He also added that during the new submarines’ construction and design process, the development team managed to gather a lot of valuable data which, among other things, allowed them to significantly improve the Kilo-class submarines as well.

    The Lada-class submarines are designed to defend coastlines against ships and other submarines, gather intelligence, provide surveillance and reconnaissance missions, and act as a mother ship for special forces. With its new air-independent propulsion plant, a Lada submarine can remain submerged for as many as 25 days. With its vast array of weapon systems, the Lada is also world’s first non-nuclear submarine to be equipped with specialized launchers for cruise missiles.


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      Designed specifically for the shores of Ireland and Sweden, I presume. :-) "Can you hear me now?"
    • Drain the swamp
      Can miniature single use robot versions, each with one short range nuclear cruise missile to skim over the sea surface on the last two miles, be made? The large Borei class lying in the deep off the US eastern and western seaboards, could release 10s of these to lay waste to coastal NY,LA,SF,Miami ,Houston,Boston and even Washington. Any defence would be prohibitive for a now $20t in debt great satan. Deterrence on the cheap.
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      I love when foreign military powers make advances over the terrorist American government. America is just like a school yard bully, if they know they can bully you then they absolutely will. When they even have a doubt as to whether then can bully you their balls shrivel and they slink into the corner.
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      Jackov Smirnoff
      Israeli diesel subs can nuclear-armed cruise missiles.
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      Ivan Zadorozhny
      Lada... That's good cover.
    • you mean to say.. the one donated by Germany..? hehehe
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      Andrew Jackson
      Please destroy Houston, TX for me :D
    • Воин Света
      Put it to good use Russia ;-)
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      "Holes" can be seen as easily as objects...better to look like the background.
    • Kim Kyu-Un
      Is this like that sub that entered the Gulf of Mexico, "undetected"?
      Take out Houston, Halifax, Churchill, Iqaluit, Nunavut, Tuktoyaktuk,
      then back home to Polyarny, Murmansk, why don'tcha?
    • Porkbelly Porkerpig
      What does a "Blockhead" Korean with no class, have against Northern Canada?
    • avatar
      This is NOTHING. In Soviet Days a Russian SUB dissapear from radars, sonars and what not. was project invisible or invincible. Depending on translator.
      The claimed the sub got inside U.S and U.S went into full alert and searching. After sometime, the sub went out and re appeared by Russia.

      Many claim it was the inspiration for a movie. Red October. The system used was removed and never ever seen again. many claimed it was disassembled and stored in super compartmentalized system. With many , MANY false leads.
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      During the Cuban crisis west claimed it had a system that could had forced the subs to float. Little the west knew that the sub, from Russia had counter for that. And could actually knock the U.S ships OFF.

      But like many things, and other times, Soviet BRASS was silent.
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      Russia's semi drones subs will be revived. They can use less personnel, and operate by themselves.
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