22:33 GMT +324 February 2017
    NATO country flags wave outside NATO headquarters.

    Russia Outlines Priorities in Relations with US, EU and NATO

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    Russia stands for mutually beneficial cooperation with Europe, fully-fledged partnership with the United States, and development of relations with NATO on the basis of equality, according to the new version of the national security strategy.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The strategy defines main venues of Russia-US partnership on the global arena as the improvement of mechanisms of arms controls, the strengthening of mutual trust measures, joint efforts in the area of WMD non-proliferation, expanded cooperation in the fight against terrorism as well as in the resolution of regional conflicts.

    "Russia supports the strengthening of mutually-beneficial cooperation with the European countries, the European Union…with the goal of developing a transparent system of collective security in the Euro-Atlantic region based on clearly-defined legal agreements," the text of the document, posted on Thursday on the government's legal information portal, says.

    According to the document, Russia continues to view NATO expansion and military activities near Russian borders as a major threat to its security and a violation of international laws, but is ready to develop relations with the Alliance in the interests of the European security.

    "The depth and the content of these relations will be determined by NATO's readiness to respect Russia's legitimate interests…as well as the norms of international law," the text says.

    Moreover, Russia is ready to discuss further reductions of nuclear potentials in bilateral and multi-lateral formats while maintaining efforts aimed at strengthening global security and strategic stability, the document says.

    "In order to maintain strategic stability, the Russian Federation is ready to continue discussions of further reduction of nuclear potentials on the basis of bilateral agreements as well as in multi-lateral formats," the text of the document, posted on Thursday on the government's legal information portal, says.


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      "...and just to remind you all, our Iksander missiles are bigger and better than any outdated silo you have now." It is important that in any business venture that the controlling partner, even in a 50-50 relationship, must be aware of all of the fine details in that partnership. And while the West, NATO and the EU are still busy parsing each word and phrase, the Russians already have control of the details.
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      And when the curtains are drawn, you will hear again.. " Suck an Iskander , PUTIN". because they NEVER EVER LEARN!!! You Don't ever deal with them. No reduction of NOTHING. That plain dumb. That's a containment policy, while is NOT about NATO but U.S alone. That's the MOST ignorant thing I ever heard,
      No wonder France and Germany are with the man of the year BULL HORN. (They HATE Putin's GUTS)

      Russia NEVER learns, Lavrov with his military deals that are as bad as Soviet ones. Don't deal. Just build quietly yourself and SHUT IT.
      IF they serious they place the proposal at U.N, whomever wants signs in. If not ...NO. Russia shouldn't.
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      Ivan Zadorozhny
      Russia has been able to enforce a few red lines this year. Way to go.
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