10:18 GMT02 December 2020
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    Russia’s Mi-8AMTSh “Terminator” armored assault helicopters are being fitted with radio-electronic warfare technology, making them immune to enemy missiles, an Eastern Military District spokesman told reporters on Monday.

    “The Vitebsk onboard electronic jammer ensures protection against enemy missiles and radar by generating optical and radio-electronic interference. It can also sidetrack heat-seeking missiles by creating an “electronic dome” around the helicopter and blinding oncoming missiles with a laser beam,” Alexander Gordeyev said.

    Currently being installed on helicopters stationed at a base east of Lake Baikal, the Vitebsk jammers will be added to several helicopter squadrons next year across the entire Eastern Military District, Gordeyev added.

    The Mi-8AMTSh is a dedicated armored assault version of the Mi-8AMT helicopter. It carries cargoes and troops and supports them with firepower.

    It can also perform evacuation and combat search and rescue. It can soften-up enemy defenses before landing, engage enemy infantry, armored vehicles and even main battle tanks.

    It also has secondary air-to-air capability against low-flying aircraft, helicopters, and UAVs.


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