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    Putin's 2015 Annual Year-End Press Conference (41)

    From the war against Daesh to the economy, pensions, sports, and everything in between, there were plenty of serious moments during President Vladimir Putin's 3 hour + press conference. But enough serious business. Sputnik looks back at the annual presser event's more light-hearted moments, as commented on by Twitter.

    To begin, even before the press conference started, many commentators, most of them journalists, noticed a rather odd phenomenon — that they themselves were inadvertently (or advertently) 'becoming a part of the story', taking pictures of each other, and commenting on one another's clothes, accessories and behavior.

    ​Sign reads: 'For Prohibition' Comment: "Kick this man out of there. He is an enemy of the state!"

    With over 1,400 journalists present at the event, their creative efforts to get noticed shouldn't really be surprising to anyone.

    Putin broke the ice at the event by telling journalists an old joke – one which got lost in translation; it turns out that the joke was actually more like a light-hearted parable about peoples' tendency not to realize it when times are good.

    Some of the president's more serious answers also got a laugh, among them the suggestion that embattled former FIFA President Sepp Blatter should be given the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Some users also found hilarious the president's suggestion that the divisive businessman and Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was "a very bright and talented person," with some going so far as to declare that Putin had 'endorsed' Trump.

    The president's choice of words about a third party being involved in Turkey's downing of the Russian Su-24 last month also became an instant hit, getting a laugh and applause, and instantly becoming a meme on the Russian twitterverse.

    "The moment when the president calls it like it is."

    Left panel: "If someone in Turkey decided to lick the Americans in a particular place, I don't know if the Americans need this." Right panel: "Hello, Barack? WTF man? We agreed that no one would find out about this!"

    As is often the case at such events, another funny moment ended up being a female journalist's complement on the president's appearance and ability to keep in shape.

    All in all, some commentators were disappointed by the event's sticking to serious business, suggesting that it was not as fun as last year's press conference, which featured allegories about stuffed bears, marriage proposals and jokes about soft drinks.

    Well guys, life can't just be all fun and games now can it?

    Putin's 2015 Annual Year-End Press Conference (41)


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