09:58 GMT26 February 2021
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    Trials of the first two upgraded Sukhoi Su-25SM3 single-seat strike aircraft will start before the end of the year, a Russian defense industry source told IHS Jane's.

    "The first two Su-25SM3 aircraft must be commissioned in December. Both aircraft will be shipped for trials. One of them will be delivered to the combat operation and pilot retraining center in Lipetsk for performance evaluation," the source said.

    The Su-25SM3 and Su-25UBM2 (a two-seat operational trainer version) will essentially differ from their predecessors in avionics and their suite of airborne weapons, according to Russia's defense procurement website.

    The upgraded attack aircraft will be fitted with the PrNK-25SM-1 sighting and navigation system comprising a BTsU-25S onboard digital computing system, an MFTsI-0332M multifunctional color display, and a SOLT-25 optical-laser remote-thermal-imaging system, IHS Jane's reported.

    Additionally, the Su-25SM3 and Su-25UBM2 will receive a communication system with electronic countermeasure features that protect the fighter jet from enemy aircraft by providing countermeasures against different radars and against enemy air-to-air guided missiles, according to IHS Jane's.

    The upgraded aircraft will be fitted with SUO-39M armament control system and a T-SOK-UBD-130-03 onboard video system for objective monitoring of training and combat actions.

    The Su-25SM3 and Su-25UBM2 will be capable of using laser-guided missiles, video-guided missiles, as well as satellite-aided and video-aided guided aerial bombs. Each aircraft will be able to carry two R-73 short-range air-to-air missiles for self-defense.

    The aircraft can also carry a wide range of unguided bombs and rockets, and will be armed with a 9A623 30mm cannon incorporating a VPU-17A fixed gun mount, along with the standard  250-round ammunition supply, IHS Jane's reported.

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