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    File Photo: Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, accused by critics of an increasingly authoritarian style of government, has argued that the country would be better served by a strong presidential system

    'Allah Decided to Punish Turkey Leaders By Making Them Lose Their Minds'

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    Putin's Annual State of the Nation Address 2015 (11)

    Russia's President said that Allah, apparently, decided to punish Turkey's leadership by making them lose their minds.

    Russia's president said: "We were ready to cooperate with Turkey on any sensitive issue and were ready to go much further than [Turkey's other] allies were willing to. "

    Earlier, on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia had received additional evidence that oil from fields controlled by Daesh, which is prohibited in Russia, were being transported to Turkey on an industrial scale.

    "Only Allah knows, why they did it," Putin said.

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his family are involved in the illegal deliveries of oil from the Islamic State, known in the Arab world as Daesh and whose activities are prohibited in Russia, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said earlier Wednesday.

    ​"It's the duty of every civilized country to take part in the defeat of terrorists," Vladimir Putin said.

    Moscow has been conducting pinpoint airstrikes on terrorist positions, particularly those of Islamic State, in Syria at President Bashar Assad's request since September 30.

    On November 24, a Russian Su-24 attack aircraft was downed by an air-to-air missile while carrying out precision strikes against terrorist positions in northern Syria. The missile was fired by a Turkish F-16 fighter in response to an alleged violation of Turkish airspace by the Russian jet.

    "I do not understand why they did it. Any problem — even that which we might have missed — could have been dealt with in a different way," Russia's president stressed.

    Both the Russian General Staff and the Syrian Air Defense Command have confirmed that the Su-24 never crossed into Turkish airspace and was illegally downed on Syrian territory In the wake of the incident, Russia introduced a set of economic measures against Turkey, while Ankara has refused to apologize for the move.

    Russia has a lot of longtime and trusted friends in Turkey, who should know that Moscow does not equate them to the Turkish government, according to Putin.

    Putin's Annual State of the Nation Address 2015 (11)


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      Ha ha love it!
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      One of the best political quotes ever.
    • sophm0e38
      So true.

      "Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad" Henry Wadsworth Longfellow "The Masque of Pandora."
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      GREAT WORDS!! But soon after he said some reasons for it. "We must defend our cousins inside Syria" AKA Turkish militia. Plus the oil steal. It is something that some serious U.S high ranked officers described as " This been happening not just from DAESH , but for many years.".. Turkey been using NATO and it's air superiority to get away with it. Now that Russia is there, things are changing.. Russia will bomb them 24/7, until the border can be controlled... Syria should join EEU and CSTO... This will prevent the NATO bull horn.
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      "Only Allah knows, why they did it," Putin said. This Man is Too Great!!!
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      Tactical Investor
      This will be remembered when Erdogan is thrown out of power and hung by his toes for the evil he has commited
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      Erdogan keeps denying. He even challenged Russia to present proof of Turkey's illegal oil transactions with terrorists. Just a few minutes ago Iranian TV reported a DAESH member who corroborated Oil connections with Turkey. He said given that DAESH occupied oil wells in Iraq and Syria, they had the right to sell oil to Turkey for exporting it to international markets. Claiming the deal was legitimate! :)
    • korz53
      Yes true, Turks became turkeys.
    • avatar
      And here we go again, Putin is seriously limited with his deep religious stance. His Christian values prevail his logic and that is really bad for Russia and all other who depend on Russia. His permanent offering of other cheek to be smacked on is very bizarre and ridiculous for a statesmen who is considered very intelligent. I just do not get how someone intelligent can be religious at the same time as religion is for limited people who are seeking never received divine help and live in a hope that one day they will, and fact the matter is they will not. If there would be a god than it would be only one, but unfortunately for religious people there are tens of different gods and seams to me no one get it in their head, that if there would be one god whole world would know it and believe in it and beside that he would make us all nice, lovely, sexy and attractive, but as we know we are far from that.

      That Putins religion is diminishing his personal values as we can see now he already reduced sacrifice of these two Russian soldiers to collateral damage and he would love for a sake of god's love move forward as that there was nothing happened and it already sounds as a traffic accident and very soon it will sound as a fairy tale starting with: Once upon a time there was some land far or not so far away which was pretty nasty as their ruler Sultan Eroboban was pretty nasty piece of human excrement and he.....

      I feel sorry for these two young soldiers who laid all their trust in Russian leader only to be let down by him personally. Well they got the medals and they had nice state funeral and in a week or so only graving loved ones, they will be forgotten. That is normal way in life only that Russian leadership could make one example out of that as US would surely do, as they would bomb Turkey to submission just to make their point. US is not stronger than Russia but is 100x more aggressive towards weaker just to display their brutality in order to scare living daylight out of everyone else.

      If USA would have Russian military technology and power they would instantly burn Russia to the ashes. On other side Russia is behaving as verbally brave young lady but when it comes time to perform action than she gets full of doubts and insecurity. Putin should never offer to Turkey more than their allays as that sounds as that Russia is begging Turks to be friends. That is ridiculous and confusing.

      Russia should get hard as nail and press home with all cannons and use international media to blacken Turkey and to make sure that everyone will understand that whoever is siding, or protecting terrorists is terrorist itself. Russia should press that home very hard and make sure that EU and US public understands that narative and makes internal pressure on their governments. That would not only cause changing foreign policy but above all it will change perception of how public is seeing Russia right now when politicians in conjunction with domestic media are blackening Russia beyond any limits of good taste. Once people will start question these basic principles of fighting international terrorism, which are as some kind of premise in domestic policy, they will start to realise that they were taken for a ride by their own politicians. Only the pressure from within a country is the one which will bring some substantial results.
    • Blackie
      Yes SDlimyfox Russia is acting like a lady. Perhaps more like a bettered Wife. Why do I get the feeling that this is all a load of Horse manure, because they seem to be all on the same team.
      Charlie Hebdo 1 an 2 an 3 all staged by secret service people plus cops. It is fantasy.
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      Dear Sputnik, where I went to school in the English language, people lose things, they don't loose them. You can set something loose, like a horse. Or you can lose it (so it is lost).
    • Porkbelly Porkerpig
      Hmmm. Well, yes, losing your mind, does involve losing your judgement, and perhaps it comes from God, but people who lose their minds, are usually not viewed as criminals -- the fact they lost their minds, sort of means, they are not entirely responsible for their actions.

      However, what we have here, is a well-planned attack or ambush from the Turkish Air-Force, on a Russian Jet. While the greater implications of that could potentially result in a Nuclear War, and so from that perspective, this was an act of insanity. But, given the simplistic explanation of this being a signal sent to Russia from Turkey, that they are damaging their oil trade; makes this NOT so much, and act of insanity, but a more deliberate act of criminality in intent.

      Given that the Turkish leadership and their families are directly invested in these businesses profiting from the oil trade with ISIS, calling this an "act of insanity" provides an excuse for them, that they do not deserve. Perhaps they made an insane decision, but it was a criminal act committed with full intent, not just the idea of someone losing their mind, or their judgement.
    • Drain the swamp
      Gods Hand is on Volodya's hand, in one statement he has united the true Orthodox Christians and the true Muslims. Marvellous.
    • Baybars in reply toDrain the swamp(Show commentHide comment)
      WW3 is here, Excellent observation.
    • avatar
      As I previously stated Turkey and its Masters also partners in crime must be removed of the face of this earth quickly and efficiently by most capable force on earth , that is Russia !!!
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