11:09 GMT11 April 2021
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    The Russian Defense Ministry has provided evidence of Turkish participation in Daesh illegal oil trade.

    During the press briefing for the international media, the Russian Defense ministry has provided hard evidence of Turkish participation in ISIL illegal oil trade. The ministry has shown photo and video proof.

    According to the ministry's statement, the briefing is titled "Russian Federation Armed Forces fighting against international terrorism. New data."

    The Russian Aerospace Forces commenced precision airstrikes in Syria against Islamic State (IS, or Daesh in the Arab world), a group that is outlawed in Russia and a number of other countries, on September 30, following a request from Syrian President Bashar Assad.

    Russia has repeatedly called for a broader cooperation in the fight against extremists in Syria, but has not received a constructive reply from its partners, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said last week.

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    • 12:29

      All evidence to be published on the MoD website

      The Russian Defense ministry will keep updating the evidence.

      “We continue to receive facts of Turkey robbing its neighbors,” Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said during a briefing in Moscow

      All the materials have been published on the MoD official website.

      The Russian Defense Ministry holds press briefing
      © Photo : Youtube / RT
    • 12:26

      Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov on financing terrorists

      "We presented evidence how the illegal oil trade is carried out to finance the terrorist groups," Antonov said. "We know how much Erdogan's words are worth."

      “None of Turkey’s top leaders, nor Mr Erdogan in particular, will resign or admit anything, even if their faces were smeared in stolen oil,” Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said at the briefing.

      Erdogan's resignation is not our objective - it is up to the Turkish people, he added.

      No one in the West had any interest in Erdogan's son being involved in the illegal oil trade, but Russian journalists are brave enough to tell the truth about Turkish crimes.

      "If they think the evidence is fake, let them make these areas available to journalists," the Deputy Defense Minister said.

    • 12:24

      The head of the National Defense Management Center, Lt. Gen. Mikhail Mizintsev about oil delivery routes

      The size of the illegal oil trade is impressive. More information will be presented next week, Mizintsev said.

    • 12:20

      Main oil delivery routes operates near Turkish border

      One of the largest centers of oil extraction is the town of Dier ez-Zor. The delivery route runs from Eastern Syria to Turkey, ending up at the Batman refinery in Turkey.

      A map, presented by the Russian Defense Ministry last week, showing the three main routes of the alleged oil smuggling operations from Syria and Iraq into Turkey.
      © Photo : Youtube / RT
      The Russian Defense Ministry holds press briefing
      Russian Defence Ministry

      Russia is going to continue bombing Daesh oil targets.



    • 12:12

      Sergey Rudskoi, chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces about Russian strikes on ISIL oil targets

      A briefing by Lieutenant General Sergey Rudskoy, Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the Russian General Staff
      © Photo : Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation

      For the last two months Russian airstrikes have destroyed 32 Daesh oil production facilities, 11 refinaries, Rudskoy said.

      VIDEO: Russian airstrike on Daesh oil refinery near Maarrat al-Nu'man

      The general staff has irrefutable evidence on Turkey's involvement in the oil trade.

      "We have identified three main oil routes," Rudskoy said.

      "Three main routes have been exposed for the transportation of oil to Turkey under the control of criminal IS groups in the regions of Syria and Iraq,” he said during a briefing.

      VIDEO: Russian airstrike against oil storage near Khafsa Kabir

      VIDEO: Russian airstrike against oil storage near al-Sawra

      On November 16 260 tankers trucks were spotted near the Turkish border. Some of tanker trucks try to mask themselves as trailers.

      "Space recoinassance established that after crossing the border tanker trucks moves further into Turkey," Rudsloy said. Then oil was delivered to other countries.

      Another oil delivery route operates in Northern Syria.


    • 12:08

      Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov speaks about world terrorist threat

      To defeat ISIL it is neccessary to destroy the illegal oil trade infrastructure, he said.

      Main destination for the stolen oil from Syria is Turkey, Antonov said. Today we present only a part of the facts, the Deputy Minister added.

      Russia is going to present hard evidence of Turkish participation in illegal oil trade.

    • 12:07

      The briefing has begun

      The Russian Defense Ministry going to present evidence of Daesh illegal oil trade.


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