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    A police officer at the Prosecutor-General's Office in Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street, Moscow

    It's Been Fund: Russia Sends Soros Speculating His Way Out the Door

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    Two foreign non-governmental organizations run by George Soros have been blacklisted as undesirable by the Russian Prosecutor-General's Office, according to RIA Novosti.

    The Russian Prosecutor-General's Office has included two foreign organizations operated by George Soros in its list of the undesirable NGOs, RIA Novosti quoted the office's spokeswoman Marina Gridneva as saying on Monday.

    The organizations include the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation, both part of a network of international organizations created by noted US billionaire investor George Soros.

    "[The prosecutors] have found that the activity of these organizations poses a threat to the foundations of Russia’s constitutional system and state security," Gridneva said.

    The decision came after Russia's upper house of parliament, the Federation Council, asked the country's Prosecutor —General's Office, the Foreign Minister and the Justice Minister to inspect organizations included in the so-called patriotic "stop list." The document was approved by the Federation Council in July 2015.

     George Soros
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    George Soros

    Earlier this year, Russia adopted a law facilitating the blacklisting of foreign and international non-governmental organizations which were considered "undesirable in Russia". Organizations are included in the list if they are thought to pose a threat to the country's constitutional system, defense capability or national security.

    Under the law, the Prosecutor General or his deputy decides whether or not to blacklist an organization, in coordination with the Russian Foreign Ministry. The revocation of such a decision is carried out in a similar manner.

    Known for having made some of the largest speculative transactions in history, George Soros' agenda in Russia dates back to 1988, when he met with Mikhail Gorbachev in Moscow. Through his multi-billion-dollar funds, he once hoped to help steer the course of Russian political development.

    However, he disapproved of the Putin administration, and in 2003, he stopped funding charitable projects in Russia.

    Earlier this year, he made it known that he supports sanctions against Russia and proposed propping up Kiev with a whopping $50 billion fund to "counter Moscow’s nationalist expansionism", writing in the New York Times Review of Books that this would foil Putin's "attempts to destabilize Ukraine".

    Among other 'charitable' projects, Soros himself does not deny having contributed financially to Ukraine's 2004 "Orange Revolution" and 2013 Maidan coup.


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      I just love it, thank you Russia, keep the b.s.a.d Soros out!
      Soros buys blackwater terrorists for change of regimes who are in his way of profit making!
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      teddy j
      this ''holocaust survivor" did not deserve to survive.


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      Good! Don't let the door hit you on the way out comes to mind.
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      ABOUT TIME!!! Now to teach the kids to LOVE Russia. Unite EEU CIS.. SCO should be study. BRICS should have visa free. If not already. And Russia should expand EEU to Syria and Iran. CSTO too. That way no one will go telling who can govern there..
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      This guy Soros is very irresponsible person to average human beings and is very powerful. Such combination is really dangerous, as in case of former Yugoslavia.
      his activity brings him a money and misery for majority.
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      Soros is a evil person and his NGO are operating on demand of the USA government and CIA !!!
      He is a war promoter and should stay trial in "den Haag"..
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      Anas Drak
      Non-governmental organizations is a modern weapon towards the states and countries. The majority of times acts as a policy tool or as a spy tool. Also used for the division of whole nations.
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      There is no point in booting out the Soros types without getting rid of the system they represent. The government should accept the longstanding proposal of the Orthodox church and embrace Islamic banking. The five hundred years since Pope Leo X (a member of the de Medici banking family) overturned Christ's teaching and permitted charging interest on loans have been terrible for the average person. He and she have been worked to death to pay their loans and then sent off to die in wars over the resources the over-heated financial system requires to continue.
    • Baybars in reply togmpratt(Show commentHide comment)
      gmpratt, you speak the truth but getting rid of usery will require us to get rid of an entire section of the worlds population who claim to be doing God's work. Ousting one at a time is a good start.
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