01:36 GMT28 November 2020
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    Crimea Power Blackout (17)

    Boiler stations in the Republic of Crimea will be equipped with diesel generators amid electricity shortages caused by Crimea having been cut off from electricity supplies from Ukraine, the republic’s head Sergey Aksyonov said.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The republic head stressed that with the approaches of the cold season the main current objective is to ensure that heat and water supplies in Crimea remain 100 percent functional, and that schools and residential buildings get enough power.

    "As far as boiler stations go, an application has already been submitted on the delivery of diesel generators to all stations. The 800 boiler stations in Crimea must be provided with electricity sources," Aksyonov told a local TV channel on Thursday.

    Some 2.5 million Crimeans were left without electricity over the weekend when explosions downed several transmission towers in southern Ukraine, according to Russia's Emergencies Ministry.

    Following the electricity blackout, Crimea declared a state of emergency and switched to locally-based emergency power generation.

    Residential buildings in Crimea remain without heat as local authorities are trying to save power.

    The republic’s head held consultations with foreign energy experts on Thursday, discussing ways of resolving the electricity crisis on the peninsula.

    "An energy bridge can balance out the system," Aksyonov said on Thursday, adding that he maintains direct contact with the Russian authorities and held phone talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the issue earlier in the day.

    Crimea oil traders have pledged to freeze fuel prices and create special reserves amid electricity shortages on the peninsula.

    Crimea Power Blackout (17)


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