07:18 GMT26 February 2021
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    NATO is openly ignoring the ongoing war on terror, the head of the Russian parliament’s international affairs committee said on Friday.

    “The question is whether NATO really is an organization, which is capable of ensuring adequate security and protection for its member-states. Judging by the recent terrorist attack in Paris, it is not, and not only because it failed to prevent these attacks happening. The fact is that NATO is simply not preoccupied with things like standing up to terrorist threats,” Alexei Pushkov told Friday’s session of the State Duma lower house of parliament.

    Pushkov said it was high time NATO countries invoked Article 5 of the Washington Treaty that binds its members together, committing them to protect each other and setting a spirit of solidarity within the Alliance.

    “The collective defense principle outlined by Article 5 means that an attack against one ally is considered as an attack against all allies. But look how NATO is openly staying away from its commitment to collectively fight the terrorist threat,” Pushkov emphasized.

    Pushkov then mentioned already invoked Article 42-7 of the EU Charter whereby the EU countries commit to assist France as a victim of an enemy attacks primarily by political means.

    “But NATO is cowardly staying out of all this,” he said.

    NATO invoked Article 5 for the first time in its history after the 9/11 terrorist attacks against the United States.

    “When America came under attack NATO mobilized right away and all its member-states endorsed Washington’s operation in Afghanistan to flush out al-Qaeda. Now I understand that France can hardly count on any protection and help from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization,” Alexei Pushkov said.


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