20:30 GMT25 July 2021
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    Just a few days after the beginning of the Russian anti-ISIL campaign in Syria, it became clear that the situation in the country would soon change for better, Contra Magazin wrote.

    Russia successfully destroyed several bases of various terrorist gangs and made them flee in panic. And this happened after five long years while the so-called "international community" silently watched the war to escalate, the magazine wrote.

    Meanwhile, the US and its allies financed various terrorist groups and carried out military trainings in such states as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Turkey. And once a few of the dirty deals became public, they started to justify their actions by saying that they were well-meant or designed to only support the "moderate rebels," Contra Magazin noted.

    According to the article, these terrorist gangs and the US had one goal in common. They wanted to get rid of current President Bashar-al-Assad and overthrow the legitimate government.

    However, their plans were brought to a screeching halt when Russia responded to a request from the official Syrian government and carried out a number of successful airstrikes against the terrorists.

    Thanks to the Russian support, the Syrian army managed to quickly reclaim large areas of the country and bring them back under control, reshuffling the US’ cards and destroying all of its plans.

    Therefore, one can assume that the US’ current efforts to discredit Russia are just the beginning of an extensive catalog of countermeasures. The situation may escalate again if Russia does not completely bring the situation in Syria under control as quickly as possible, the magazine wrote.


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