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    In this Oct. 22, 2014, file photo, thick smoke from an airstrike by the US-led coalition rises in Kobani, Syria, as seen from a hilltop on the outskirts of Suruc, at the Turkey-Syria border

    US Spent a Year Bombing Syrian Desert, Not ISIL Russian MP

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    The United States spent a whole year bombing the desert instead of hitting terrorist targets in Syria, the head of the Russian parliament’s international affairs committee wrote on Friday.

    “[Senator John] McCain accused us of striking out at US-trained insurgents… However, since they have either run away or joined al-Qaeda, hitting them is a mission impossible,” Alexei Pushkov wrote on his Twitter account.

    In an interview with France’s Europe 1 Radio Pushkov said that the Russian aerial campaign in Syria would take three to four months.

    “The US-led coalition spent a whole year pretending they were striking ISIL targets but where are the results of these strikes?” Pushkov wondered.

    The White House had earlier said that the Russian air forces was targeting areas in Syria where ISIL militants were nowhere in sight.

    Besides, John McCain, chairman of the Senate’s Armed Services Committee, said that he could “absolutely confirm” that Russian air strikes had hit Free Syrian Army recruits who had been armed and trained by the US, a claim that was later denied by the Pentagon.

    Briefing reporters in Moscow on Wednesday, a defense ministry spokesman said that the Russian air force had flown twenty sorties targeting ISIL military equipment, communication facilities, arms depots, ammunition and fuel supplies — and did not hit civilian infrastructure or areas nearby.


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    • MsLiberty
      John McCain will say whatever he thinks will sway public opinion in favor of the agenda of a cabal posing as the US Government. Americans have been duped by this man for years, and because they haven't any knowledge of what he's really up to, he appears to be a "patriotic" American, a war hero etc. and they stupidly continue to elect him. McCain is not the only member of Congress who does this. The sad irony is, the Americans are enthralled by a criminal regime, but they are too prideful to admit it, then do something about it. There are some Americans who know that this so-called "civil war" in Syria was a regime-change/ nation-building psy-op from the very beginning and we have worked to demand that US Military stay out of Syria, and to have nothing to do with deceitful covert operations to unseat Assad. For the most part, we have been ignored, while the more vocal among us have been targeted and persecuted as traitors by such as McCain, who has been caught red-handed commiserating with known terrorist groups. While all this is going on, the vast majority of Americans have no idea, choosing instead to believe US Media as their source of information and right now they are angry that the "Russkies" have "invaded" Syria, and are attacking US "allies." That's what most think, but it's changing when unbelievably, Syrian infrastructure or empty buildings are destroyed instead of terrorists by US bombs. If there are militants, inside of Syria, who are fighting against the Syrian government and armed forces, then they are terrorists, not "freedom fighters." When they are called "freedom fighters" ask yourself: "Says who?" The Syrian people are not being asked, but they will tell you that most of these "freedom fighters" are not even Syrian. There is a lot more that could be said; I choose to keep this brief, however, and just say, the behavior of this criminal Washington cabal has been despicable as much as it has been deadly, it is highly embarrassing to a true American patriot, and its high time that the truth about what they are doing - and have done already - be exposed for all the world to see. I hope that President Putin, et al. realize that in addition to having a military anti-terrorist operation, they also have a crime scene in Syria, and it should be treated as such to the fullest extent possible. This is "inter-faction" war between opposing NWO factions, Putin and Obama are in opposing factions, and this is what you get- the murder of innocent people and the destruction of their countries.
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      blueskyin reply toMsLiberty(Show commentHide comment)
      MsLiberty, So glad you are around MsLiberty . Now I know that the light has not been totally extinguished in America. Unfortunately the media plays a very important role in the slumber of the people.
      The truth is brother and sister to the light can never be extinguished completely.
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