00:49 GMT25 June 2021
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    In Russia private armorers who do not need millions of taxpayer rubles to design and build quality, efficient and highly accurate systems are few and far between.

    The rifles built by a small private company led by Vladislav Lobaev, a well-known  armorer and long-range shooter, who gradually evolved into a rifle gunsmith and then into full-scale manufacturer of custom precision rifles, are the most unusual weapons that have recently emerged in Russia.

    The modern precision sniper rifles built by the Kaluga-based Lobaev Arms Company look, feel and shoot just like a top-notch weapon should.

    Exceptional build quality and attention to detail – that’s the impression one inevitably gets when taking hold of one of their latest units – the DXL-2 rifle.

    Professionals all agree that the aluminum-frame Lobaev rifle is one of the very best money can buy.

    It is chambered for a 7,62х51mm round, which is a very stable cartridge for shooting at targets over 1,000 meters away.

    The DXL-2’s is designed to keep the recoil, even from large-caliber rounds, at a minimum. Indeed, shooting with the DXL-2 feels like firing a 5mm rifle!

    The finest western sniper rifles of the same class, including the much-trumpeted Steyr SSG 08 rifle, pale in comparison with Lobaev’s DXL-2.

    A new, heavier version of the DXL-2 is now in the pipeline. 

    Looking more like a small howitzer, it would knock out a dinosaur with its.408 CheyTac round that was earlier used, albeit by a different rifle, to set a long-range world record of 3,440 meters.


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