12:55 GMT15 July 2020
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    Russia's defense industry said that it is ready to relaunch production of the legendary Mi-14 nuclear-capable submarine-hunting amphibious helicopter.

    Defense manufacturer Russian Helicopters has announced that it would relaunch production of the Mi-14 helicopter, capable of both aerial and maritime operation.

    The helicopter originally operated as a hunter craft which would drop deep-water 5F48 "Skalp" (Scalp) nuclear bombs on enemy submarines.

    The charges would eliminate all enemy submarines within the radius of 800 meters if deployed underwater.

    The helicopters were phased out in favor of Kamov Ka-27 helicopters in 1992 as part of the plan to downsize the Russian armed forces after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    The original Mi-14PL anti-submarine used the "Kalmar" (Squid) reconnaissance and sighting system which included a radar, a sonar station and computational equipment. The modernized Mi-14PLM had the improved "Osminog" (Octopus) system still used on the Ka-27 today.

    So far, the manufacturer has offered to modernize existing Mi-14 helicopters and build new variants for both fire and rescue services and the Russian Navy.


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