14:09 GMT +316 February 2019
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    Russian lawmaker urges removal of Coca-Cola ads from parliament

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    MOSCOW, February 4 (RIA Novosti) - The leader of a Russian ultranationalist party demanded on Wednesday the removal of refrigerators containing Coca-Cola advertising from the country's parliament.

    "The advertising of foreign companies is inadmissible in the building of a supreme national political authority," LDPR party leader and Russian deputy lower house speaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky said in a letter published on the party's website.

    "Refrigerators with Coca-Cola advertising are installed in the State Duma ... Maybe we should open a McDonalds outlet instead of the State Duma canteen?" he added.

    Coca-Cola leases its equipment on the condition that its adverts are not removed.

    "We are ready to install similar fridges with a LDPR logo," the letter said.

    Zhirinovsky caused international alarm when his LDPR party came first in Russia's 1993 parliamentary elections on the back of a confrontational and fiercely nationalist campaign. Although his party's share of the votes has gone down since then, it is still the third largest in the State Duma.