11:07 GMT +317 February 2019
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    Interior ministry proposes banning alcohol on commercial flights

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    MOSCOW, February 15 (RIA Novosti) - The Russian Interior Ministry has proposed banning alcohol on board commercial airplanes, a ministry official said Thursday.

    An increase in cases involving intoxicated and disruptive passengers on board passenger planes have been reported recently, and some flights have been delayed for hours or have been forced to make emergency landings.

    "The measure comes in view of recent disruptions on board airplanes caused by drunk passengers, because of which flights have been delayed," Vyacheslav Zakharenkov, the head of ministry's department for the provision of order on transportation, said.

    He said intoxicated passengers often behave inappropriately, impeding the work of aircrews and disturbing other passengers.

    The most recent incident involving drunk passengers occurred a week ago at Moscow's Domodedovo airport, when the Moscow-Bangkok flight was delayed for over three hours before taking off.

    Three people under the influence of alcohol caused a row on board and refused to obey flight attendants, who were forced to call police.

    Last October, British police detained six drunks after an airplane en route from Moscow landed in London. The detained were all Russian soccer fans who behaved rudely, smoked and disturbed other passengers during the flight.