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    Board of attorneys backs Yukos lawyer

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    MOSCOW, December 26 (RIA Novosti) - The Council of the Moscow Chamber of Attorneys has decided not to disbar a lawyer for jailed Yukos founder Mikhail Khodorkovsky, ending disciplinary proceeding against the attorney that were launched by the administration of the penal colony where Khodorkovsky is serving out his prison term.

    The colony authorities said Albert Mkrtychev made violations incompatible with lawyer status when he visited his client November 15.

    The jailed tycoon's press center reported that the lawyer's confidential documents, files and records had been confiscated in violation of the law on advocacy and the Bar when he was leaving the colony.

    "All the documents had been inspected by colony officers when the lawyer entered the colony and had not triggered objections at the time," the press office said.

    The press office contends Mkrtychev only took the documents, including those necessary for filing a complaint with the Strasbourg-based Court of Human Rights, to be discussed with Khodorkovsky.

    "He left the other documents at the prison check point," the press office said.

    Following the meeting, Mkrtychev was directed to the colony's head and asked to show all the documents in his briefcase.

    "Some of the documents the lawyer had left at the check point were confiscated."

    Mkrtychev reportedly gave a written explanation, indicating that he had not shown improper documents to Khodorkovsky. However, the lawyer said the explanation had been lost somehow.

    Mkrtychev insists the prison authorities' actions were illegal. He set out his position at the Federal Registration Department to which he was summoned for explanations.

    Another attempt was made earlier to disbar Mkrtychev along with other members of the tycoon's defense team, when they failed to attend court hearings of a writ of appeal against Khodorkovsky. The Russian Registration Department then refused to disbar the lawyer at the request of the Prosecutor General's Office.

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