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    Digest of the Russian press, October 11

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    (RIA Novosti does not bear any responsibility for the articles published in the Russian papers)



    - The needs of small business for microcrediting (loans up to $10,000) is only 5-7% satisfied. Small-scale farmers, individual entrepreneurs in the service sphere or trade can get what they want, but start-up businesses cannot take out loans. Microcrediting for banks in Russia is more of a headache than a profitable business.



    - The latest research has identified what Russian businessmen thought about rising petrol prices in September, and the government's plans to sell state-owned stock in Russian companies on the London Stock Exchange.

    - The Regional Development Ministry has drafted plans, which the paper has seen, for a new state nationality policy. It aims to form a "single multiethnic society with the Russian people playing a consolidating role." And it wants about 10 billion rubles ($350 million) to do this.

    Nezavisimaya Gazeta


    - The political elite in Russia clearly does not have a united idea of socio-economic policy. The discussion has taken over nearly every key aspect of policy, including the president's idea of doubling GDP in 10 years, tax and administrative reform, using the Stabilization Fund and welfare reforms.

    - The Ministry of Education and Science posted a terrifying, but accurate statistic on its Web site recently: there are about 800,000 orphans and children without parental care in Russia today.

    Rossiiskaya Gazeta


    - Experts discuss what course of action may be taken after two pupils were killed near a school.

    - Germany will have a woman chancellor for the first time. The paper asks an expert, Alexander Rahr, from the German Council on Foreign Policy to comment.