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    Russia has no resources for revolution - expert

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    MOSCOW, August 4. (RIA Novosti)-Russia has no resources for its own "color revolution," most people attending an international conference on election campaigning said last month, according to a weekly political magazine.

    Politichesky Zhurnal wrote that Igor Bunin, director of the Center for Political Technologies, said Russia, whose democratic revolution happened in 1991, had no resources for a new one. The country has no active middle class and young people have an individualist, rather than social, mindset. Furthermore, he said Russia had no opposition leader like Ukraine's Viktor Yushchenko, who came to power after Kiev's "Orange Revolution", and the West was less willing to export democracy to this country.

    Bunin put party-of-power United Russia's popular support at 30% to 35%, whereas it needed at least 40% to achieve a political majority. In his opinion, with public welfare as the only viable campaigning platform for the next election, the party could fail to handpick a successor to President Vladimir Putin and might try to secure him in power beyond his constitutional term.

    Gleb Pavlovsky, the head of the Effective Policy Foundation, said the parliamentary and presidential elections, which will be held in 2007 and 2008 respectively, could revolutionize the country top-down rather than bottom-up. Before the election campaign begins, the government should draw up a new social contract based on voters' demands - something United Russia cannot do, he said. The nation is not ready to make a choice between ideologies, and it is more likely to be forced to select either reformism or counter-reformism, he said.

    The two projects fighting for power in Russia will involve the internal and external control of the country, he added.

    "If the government fails to become competitive by 2008, the people will find their own solution," Pavlovsky warned.

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