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    Anti-terror action starts in Beslan and London

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    VLADIKAVKAZ/LONDON, June 1 (RIA Novosti) -The First of June is the International Children's Day. Timed to it was the opening of an international action under the motto, "Protect children of the world - our future - from terror!" The event was launched at the cultural center of Beslan in North Ossetia (Russian North Caucasus).

    The action envisages public signature collection worldwide to symbolize global unity against terrorism.

    North Ossetian parliamentarians said to Novosti: "Beslan will forever stay in the world's memory as the site of one of the most appalling tragedies throughout history." Terrorists took more than a thousand hostages in town secondary school No. 1, September 1, 2004. Rescue came, September 3. 330 died in the heinous terror act. 186 of the victims were children.

    The opening gala started with a concert of home talents-children who are learning performing arts in Beslan schools and hobby circles appeared before the audience. An Appeal to People of Goodwill of the World was read next.

    "We are in duty bound to join hands, and together work for a peaceful childhood of the generations to come. We must assume the responsibility for what political authorities are doing, and for dual morality and double standards that are reigning in the world to wall off nations from one another, breed violent protest, and sow destruction," says the appeal.

    All on the gathering were called to sign subscription lists circulated in the audience. The subscribers included the entire Beslan district hospital staff, who were directly involved in the tragedy. Certain doctors were among the hostages, and some had relations stranded in the school, while the others treated the first patients brought from the school with wounds and other injuries.

    The bereaved mothers of children who died in the terror act were prominent in the action.

    The Russian Embassy to Great Britain gave start to the British part of the international action, known in the UK as Beslan Appeal.

    As ambassadorial press service spokesmen said to Novosti, the action focuses on reminding the world about the Beslan victims.

    Public signatures will be collected under the appeal to the world, which North Ossetia's parliament issued last week. The action has support from Russia's Foreign Ministry.

    "We know the bitter taste of bereavement. Yet, in the hour of hardship, we felt the power of united partisans of the ideas of goodness and mutual help. Now, shortly before the first anniversary of the Beslan terror act, on which we shall commemorate its victims, we are calling all nations and countries, all people irrespective of race, religion and political convictions, to join hands and together protect all children of our planet from terror for the sake of the entire human race's future," says the parliamentary appeal to the world.

    By September 3, tragedy anniversary, action organizers hope to have collected several thousand signatures in every part of the world. The lists will be laid to the dead children's memorial in Beslan.

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