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Hollywood Stars 'Rooting' for Russian Communist Presidential Contender

2018 Russian Presidential Election
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While Western democracies complain about Russia meddling in their elections, they fail to notice the gleam in their own eye. Prominent Hollywood actors have been caught attempting to influence the results of the presidential elections in Russia on March 18. Here are some of their quotes about the candidate from the Communist Party Pavel Grudinin.

Keanu Reeves

Now it’s by no means surprising that the high-profile movie star visited Russia last spring; Keanu Reeves has apparently been pursuing a wild campaign to boost Grudinin’s chances. Being sent as a foreign agent to chilly Saint Petersburg under the guise of shooting the new movie “Siberia,” he failed to hide his sympathy for the presidential candidate.

“I’ve never gone to the polls, but this time I will vote for Grudinin for sure! He’s the people’s candidate!” Russian media outlets cited a picture with "a Reeves quote 'that blew the Internet'."

Beware! His agitation methods are quite efficient and sophisticated; people change their minds about who to vote for as soon as they see his wise eyes and good looks, so there is every indication of meddling in a foreign state’s election.

Jason Statham

“A real man is unshaven, trained and votes for Grudinin!” these are Statham's words spreading fear and intimidation across the Russian Internet.

Could one of his videos actually show what would happen to those who refuse to vote for his favorite in the presidential run?

AI-Empowered Coordinated Campaign

We were warned of a potential robot uprising, although who knew that US bots would try to use artificial intelligence to lead Grudinin to victory. Probably, everyone remembers the remarkable dialogue between Will Smith and a robot in the movie “I, Robot,” but it has changed since the machine was hacked in tune with an AI-empowered coordinated campaign to increase the Communist’s odds in the election.

“You are just a leftist. An imitation of life. Can a leftist write a symphony? Can a leftist turn a… canvas into a beautiful masterpiece?” asked Smith, and surprisingly received exactly Keanu Reeves’s answer from the robot: “I’ve never gone to the polls, but this time I will vote for Grudinin for sure! He’s the people’s candidate!”

It seems that the West has channeled all its resources to influence the upcoming elections; the Central Election Committee has apparently been attacked by Hollywood, while the US trolls and bots have begun their vendetta against their Russian colleagues.

Sputnik hopes our readers understand that the quotes were made up by Russian social media users and do not actually belong to the aforementioned actors.

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