Boris Titov

Boris Titov: Professional Business Ombudsman

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2018 Russian Presidential Election
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Sputnik presents the candidates of the 2018 Russian Presidential Elections, their bios and positions on domestic and foreign policy. Meet Boris Titov, candidate for the Party of Growth.

Biography: A successful entrepreneur, winegrower and the leader of the Party of Growth, Boris Titov joined big-time politics in 2016 with the elections to the State Duma. Now he is vying for the post of president of Russia.

Domestic program: Boris Titov puts business and economic issues at the top of his election program. A successful politician and businessman, Titov considers the development of business to be Russia's point of growth, which will help fill state coffers and prop up the ruble.

Foreign policy: Titov is all set to bolster Russia's positions in international trade and sort out all problems concerning sanctions and moratoriums.

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