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    World in Focus: Sputnik’s Daily Current Affairs Program | 12/05/17

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    FRIDAY: UK General Election campaign takes on matters of foreign affairs and the UK’s relationship with US & Saudi Arabia; and, Spanish Parliament vote to exhume body of former fascist dictator General Franco.

    The UK general election campaign has moved onto foreign policy as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn delivered a speech at Chatham House this morning criticizing the Conservative Government’s entire philosophy of security.

    The Spanish Parliament has voted to exhume the body of Spain’s former fascist, dictator leader, General Franco, who died in 1975. The Spanish Civil war, that ended in 1939, still casts a dark shadow over Spanish politics, so will the Spanish Government take action following the controversial vote?

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel hits the campaign trail before crucial bellwether poll. Her main rival, the SPD’s Martin Schulz, has said that the North Rhine-Westphalia vote on Sunday, the 14th May, will show who will triumph in September.

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