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    World in Focus: Sputnik’s Daily Current Affairs Program | 11/05/17

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    THURSDAY: UK Labour Party’s Election Manifesto leaked to press detailing a program of renationalization and dedication to public services; EU Chief Brexit negotiator meets Irish leader to discuss the impact of Brexit on the border with Northern Ireland; and, a recent documentary has highlighted the extent of human trafficking in Scotland.

    As campaigning for the UK’s snap general election continues, today the UK Labour Party’s manifesto was leaked, and has excited many on the left with what some might call radical policies such as the renationalization of rail, postal and some energy services.

    The European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier today met with Irish leader Enda Kenny to discuss the highly contentious issue of how the border between northern Ireland and the republic of Ireland will be handled post-Brexit.

    A recent documentary has showcased the extent of human trafficking in Scotland, where women from Eastern Europe are being smuggled into Scotland by criminal gangs before being forced to marry overseas nationals seeking UK residency.

    Two major drug laboratory finds in Europe, linked to extremist Jihadi fighters, has raised more questions about the dependency on both the drug trade and the substance itself by radical Islamic fundamentalists in their religious war of terror. But as we’ll be finding out the use of similar psychoactive substances in conflict areas is far from a new phenomenon.

    Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron is hoping to gain a parliamentary majority and next month’s legislative elections – but some early teething problems for his young party have cropped up today, with the party unable to confirm their candidates for all French constituencies.


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