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    World in Focus: Sputnik’s Daily Current Affairs Program | 18/04/17

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    TUESDAY: UK Prime Minister announces snap general election; President Trump criticized for congratulatory phone call to Turkey’s President Erdogan; and, as French elections edge closer are they becoming even harder to predict?

    The UK Prime Minister Theresa May has called for a snap general election to be held in just over seven weeks. We’ll be looking at why she’s calling an election now, and what it could mean for those in Scotland and Northern Ireland, who voted to remain in the EU.

    As the French elections edge closer they seem to be getting even more difficult to predict. The rise in support for the hard left candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon means there are now four candidates all within reach of making it through to the second round of voting.

    US President Donald Trump has been criticized for his decision to give a congratulatory phone call to Turkey’s President Erdogan following his win in the country’s controversial referendum on Sunday, the credibility of which was called into question by the EU.

    The shooting dead of a Cleveland pensioner at the weekend, all filmed and uploaded by his killer onto Facebook, has prompted a fresh debate over whether social media platforms should do more to censor graphic online content posted by their users. It’s also raised questions over whether celebrity culture is feeding a desire among some individuals to seek notoriety by filming increasingly violent acts and publishing them online.

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