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    World in Focus: Sputnik’s Current Affairs Program | 10/03/17

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    Today’s headlines include: what does the future hold for the refugees who sheltered Edward Snowden? Will UK citizens be able to hold on to benefits of EU membership post-Brexit? And, Trump Administration lift ban on sale of precision guided munitions to Saudi Arabia.

    NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden describes them as his Guardian angels, but will Canadian authorities look as favourably upon the three refugee families, who sheltered Snowden in Hong Kong in the days after he leaked tens of thousands of secret intelligence documents? We’ll be speaking to Snowden’s lawyer.

    Could UK citizens be able to hold onto the benefits of EU citizenship in a post Brexit Britain, well… if the comments of the EU’s chief negotiator are anything to go by, Brits fearing a so-called hard Brexit might take some comfort.

    The Trump administration has lifted an Obama-era ban on the sale of so-called precision guided munitions to Saudi Arabia for use against civilians in Yemen. We’ll be looking at whether the move, when considered with the US Air Force’s recent bombing raids in Yemen, signals the start of a new US foreign policy era in the Middle East.

    Later this month the US Government will hold an international conference in Washington to consider accelerating the assault on Islamic terrorist group Da’esh. But as Da’esh is pushed back in all of its former strongholds what difference will a fresh international effort make to the final outcome?

    Poland has entered into a tussle with the European Union over the re-election of former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk as the president of the European Council. But do Polish officials risk alienating Poland even further from the EU?

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