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    World in Focus: Sputnik’s Daily Current Affairs Program | 15/02/17

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    Wednesday: As the love story between Scotland and the EU continues to bloom, what might the future hold to make that happen? And the controversial CETA trade agreement passes through the European Parliament today.

    There’s has been so much speculation since last June’s Brexit vote over Scotland’s relationship with the EU – yesterday Guy Verhofstadt, chief Brexit negotiator for the EU told Scottish media that the EU could not afford to lose Scotland, but as this growing adoration between the EU and Scotland blooms, just what does the future hold?

    The controversial EU-Canada Comprehensive economic trade agreement was voted on in the European Parliament today, gaining the backing of EU parliamentarians by a count of 408-254 votes, despite ongoing opposition and widespread protests.

    In the two weeks that the Colombian President is accused of accepting bribes, and Peru’s former President finds himself on the run from the law we’ll be looking into the long running corruption saga, which has the Brazil based conglomerate ‘Odebrecht’ at its center.

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