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    Monday: Benoît Hamon wins the French Socialist Party primaries but is En Marche!’s Macron the real winner? Saudi’s King Salman and US President Trump agree to implement safe zones in Syria; and concerns are raised over Blue Lives Matter bills, which many fear could disproportionately target ethnic minority communities.

    The French Socialist party yesterday confirmed their candidate for April’s presidential elections — with the left-winger Benoit Hamon winning the nomination in the primaries, beating former prime minister Manuel Valls. But could the bigger winner be the centrist En Marche! candidate Emmanuel Macron?
    King Salman of Saudi Arabia and US President Donald Trump have agreed to the implementation of safe zones in Syria, and quite possibly Yemen. We look into how these zones will work, and what the likelihood of their establishment actually is.

    The clock is ticking to secure a new deal for Greece, with just three weeks to go for the country to reach a deal that will avoid the Greek debt load becoming “explosive” by 2030. We’ll be looking at whether the deadlock can be broken before a new debt crisis engulfs the country and further destabilizes the EU.

    In the wake of the recent Black Lives Matter protests, the conservative-right-wing in America — buoyed by Trump’s victory — has been emboldened in pushing its so-called ‘blue lives matter’ movement.  We take a look at what the consequences might be, of the slew of proposed bills, which many fear could disproportionately target ethnic minority communities, in the name of clamping down on violence against police officers.

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