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    World in Focus: Sputnik’s Daily Current Affairs Program | 15/12/16

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    Thursday: Britain’s ambassador to the EU says that a post Brexit trade deal could take 10 years and Venezuela’s Foreign Minister tries to crash the Mercosur meeting in Argentina, just a week after being thrown out of the South American trading bloc.

    Britain’s ambassador to the EU has privately told the government that a post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union could take up to 10 year to finalise.  That’s the consensus among European politicians according to Sir Ivan Rogers.  We get reaction this hour from Conservative MP and former cabinet minister Peter Lilley.

    A report by the International Crisis Group has exposed that the militants in Myanmar involved in killing nine border guards back in October could have links are being commanded by people in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. We ask what the connection is.

    Venezuela’s foreign minister Delcy Rodriguez, is making waves in Buenos Aires this week — after her country was ousted from the Mercosur trading bloc last week — she’s been turned away after trying to crash the members meeting in Argentina.  But is this a genuine attempt at re-entry to Mercosur, a bit of political theatre?

    And as Russia's President Putin meets his Japanese counterpart, we look into the background of the dispute into the Kuril islands, with former British ambassador to Russia, Sir Tony Brenton.

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