13:09 GMT23 June 2021
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    UK Urged to Stay Out of Syrian Crisis | Temer Pushes for Public Spending Cap

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    Ex-UK Ambassador to Syria tells Sputnik that Britain threatens to "stoke the fires of war" after Michael Fallon's announcement that British troops are to be redeployed in the region. Also, we discuss is Brazil’s Michel Temer playing fast and loose with democracy?

    Yesterday women took to the streets of Iceland on the anniversary of the Women's Day Off Strikes in 1975 – we look at how the nation celebrated as a global leader in closing the gender pay gap, still has a 14% pay discrepancy between men and women. We speak to journalist and author Nanna Arnadottir.

    One of the central tenets of any democracy, is that no government can introduce legislation to bind the hands of future administrations — why then, does Brazil’s President Michel Temer, seem so set on a fiscal cap on public spending which would last twenty years?  We speak to Rodrigo Nunes, Political analyst, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.

    We also speak to the former British Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, on the British Government’s announcement that it will be committing British troops to train opposition forces in Syria.

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