17:16 GMT06 June 2020
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    An End to Spain’s Political Deadlock | Is Maduro Harming His Own Cause?

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    Spain’s ten month political deadlock could be coming to an end as opposition party PSOE announce they will not block incumbent PM Mariano Rajoy from forming a minority government; and, is Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro harming his own cause with moves feeding into the opposition rhetoric that he runs a dictatorship.

    After ten months of no formal government, and two general elections failing to return a majority for any party, the Spanish opposition party PSOE have now announced they will not block incumbent PM Rajoy from forming a minority government. We speak to Berta Barbet, political scientist in Barcelona.

    State elections delayed till next year, a long awaited recall referendum cancelled, opposition parties' long term legal status in doubt…  Is the Venezuelan Presidency sliding further towards the dictatorship opponents have branded it for years? We speak to Hugo Perez Hernaiz, Associate Professor of Sociology at the Universidad Central de Venezuela.

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