11:14 GMT27 February 2021
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    Post-Brexit Gibraltar Wants Special Deal | Forced Disappearances in Bangladesh

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    Britain and EU After Brexit (118)

    The British over-seas territory, Gibraltar is looking for a special post-Brexit EU deal; and, thousands sign open letter accusing UK Government of “state sanctioned discrimination.”

    Gibraltar is looking for a special post-Brexit deal with the EU, given that the over-seas British territory voted massively in favour of staying in the EU  — but just how likely is that to happen? We speak to former MEP for Gibraltar, Sir Graham Watson.

    Human rights groups have raised concerns over the continued forced disappearances of political prisoners in Bangladesh. Today Human Rights Watch have called for the release of three children of opposition leaders who are believed to have been arrested, though authorities deny any involvement. We speak to Tej Thapa, Senior Researcher in the Asia Division for Human Rights Watch.

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    Britain and EU After Brexit (118)
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