19:13 GMT +317 February 2019
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    Merkel Hits 5-year Low | Protesters Clash with Police in Brazil

    World In Focus
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    Carolyn Scott, Jack Foster
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    We look ahead to Angela Merkel’s chances in next year’s elections, in the wake of a 5 year low in approval ratings and mass protests break out in Sao Paulo, as Brazilian protesters clash with military police.

    With German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s approval ratings at a 5 year low and far-right populist party AfD making gains in local elections we’ll be taking a closer look at the German political landscape and whether or not there is a credible contender to Mrs Merkel in next year’s general election. We talk to political consultant and EU policy specialist Jon Worth, and Professor of Politics at the University of Bath, Charles Lees.

    Protestors took to the streets of Sao Paulo in their thousands to demonstrate against the new administration which officially took over last week, following the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff.  What reportedly began as a peaceful protest descended into chaos as demonstrators clashed with military police. We talk to the Brazilian Journalist and academic, Carolina Matos.

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