07:05 GMT04 July 2020
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    115th Congress Pantsed Itself on Day One

    Unanimous Dissent
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    The first day of the 115th Congress gets off to a bad start.

    Unified Republican Rule arrives in Washington as the new session of Congress gavels in. But things go off the rails immediately.

    Labor reporter Mike Elk joins is on to look back at the last eight years of the Obama presidency and what it meant for organized labor. We also talk about the fight for DNC chair between Congressman Keith Ellison, and the White House's hand-picked candidate, Labor Secretary Tom Perez.

    Plus, the Washington Post is guilty of spreading more fake news over the holidays. The hysteria around Russian hacking claims is leading to bad journalism and absurd beliefs among the electorate.

    And later, new stats from US prisons reveal some good news about the nation's incarceration rate, so will someone please inform Donald Trump that we don’t a crime crisis in this country.

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