11:39 GMT01 August 2021
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    House Report Trashes FBI Anti-Encryption Crusade

    Unanimous Dissent
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    A new report from the US House of Representatives says strong encryption is vital to national security. Take that, FBI Director James Comey!

    A new report from the US House of Representatives says strong encryption is vital to national security. Take that, FBI Director James Comey!
    Also, we might have to stop making the Drain the Swamp, folks, and it’s not because President-elect Trump has suddenly decided that Goldman Sachs is actually bad. We’ll explain later.

    And reporter and writer Eoin Higgins is on to talk about the Clinton campaign’s digital security…or lack thereof. If you thought it was easy for hackers to gain access into the DNC or John Podesta’s emails, it would have been even easier for them to break into the campaign’s most coveted data. That story coming up.

    Also, we noted yesterday how the student debt crisis is increasingly hurting the most vulnerable….today we chat about how the education pipeline is being squeezed on the other end. That is coming up in the latest edition of the People’s Bulletin.

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