19:12 GMT17 January 2021
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    Make Goldman Rich Again

    Unanimous Dissent
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    Goldman Sachs has seen it’s stock price increase by 33 percent since Trump won the election.

    As Democrats focus on how the Trump presidency will benefit Vladimir Putin, one of America’s most notorious banks is profiting in a “big league” way off Trump’s election.

    Also, the DOJ issues an internal report on private prisons, which highlights why Donald Trump’s election is awful.

    Plus, DCist Associate Editor Rachel Kurzius stops by to talk about Muslims in Washington, DC are organizing and sharing information about how to resist the incoming Trump administration, and it’s troubling proposals to reinstate a Muslim registry.

    Finally, the GAO releases a study which offers new details on how the US economy is failing its most vulnerable, enumerating some of the grim ways in which the student debt crisis has impacted the old and disabled.

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