13:29 GMT25 November 2020
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    CIA Election Commentary Sparks Confusion on Capitol Hill

    Unanimous Dissent
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    Intelligence Committee members find it difficult to receive briefings from US spies.

    The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is casting doubts on anonymous claims coming out of the CIA regarding Russian election interference.

    Trump’s pick for education secretary played hooky, when a group she helped finance and run was ordered to pay millions in fines for breaking Ohio election law. Looks like someone failed Swamp Draining 101.

    And, perhaps the craziest stuff happening this week isn’t going down at Trump Tower amid visits from Kanye West and Leo DiCaprio. It’s what’s happening in North Carolina, where the state’s GOP is taking extreme steps to disempower the incoming Democratic governor. Reporter Paul Blest joins us from on the ground in Raleigh with the story.

    Plus, more updates on tensions between the US and China sparked by Trump’s questioning of a key policy. We’ll tell you all about later in the show.

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