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    Unanimous Dissent

    Tillerson Confirmation: An Unstoppable Force Against an Immoveable Object

    Unanimous Dissent
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    You would think Exxon Mobile CEO Rex Tillerson would have an easy time being confirmed as Secretary of State, given how Congress always does the bidding of big oil. But, Rex’s ties to Russia complicates things.

    The Obama administration looks more or less ready to hand President Trump the keys to the security state — drones and all. But the White House is reportedly uncomfortable with at least one program existing next January: an immigration surveillance scheme, that was almost fully scrapped in 2011.

    Also, Republicans in Congress have unveiled their plans to cut Social Security — precisely the thing that President-Elect Donald Trump campaigned on not doing. So will he go to war with Paul Ryan or retiring seniors when he’s take the oath of office?

    Plus, did Carly Fiorina reveal how Trump is planning to spin stories about Russian hacking? Either way, she was at Trump Tower on Monday, where her and the President-elect discussed China, which should be of concern to all voters worried about the Prospect of World War III.

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