05:51 GMT01 August 2021
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    Boeing Tweet Explained: Trump Just Wants to Fly on His Own Plane, OK?

    Unanimous Dissent
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    The daily circus at Trump Tower suggests that the President Elect is simply producing a new reality TV show for the American people.

    The two Sams discuss the new daily rituals emanating from Trump Tower.

    The State Department’s human trafficking report came under fire, last year, when it was revealed political appointees interfered with the process like never before — in part, to help grease the wheels of the TPP. Now, a watchdog report sheds light on how the entire process is vulnerable to White House manipulation.

    Also, we bring back onto the show the DCist’s Rachel Kurzius for the latest on the Pizzagate disease that is affecting the brains of so-called internet sleuths. The whacked out conspiracy theory is motivating the deranged toward violence.

    Then, the Internet of Things is vulnerable to hackers. And it will be left to Donald Trump to protect it. Lord help us.

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