03:12 GMT30 October 2020
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    Guess Who Else Tried to Criminalize Flag Burning....

    Unanimous Dissent
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    Trump is proposing unconstitutional punishment for those who engage in certain constitutionally protected acts of speech.

    President-Elect Donald Trump’s early morning tweets have people concerned he is planning to crack down on the First Amendment with regard to flag burning. Unfortunately, his troubling ideas have long been political consensus in Washington.

    The Trump Era is starting to resemble the Reagan era in more ways than one. A bunch of far-right lunatics have started a Satanic Ritual Panic, and are targeting a Pizza Place in Northwest DC, with their venom. DCist Associate Editor Rachel Kurzius brings us up to speed.

    Also, Trump said during the campaign that wages are too high. Well, the Fight for 15 is ready to convince him otherwise. Today marked the first major labor actions since Trump was elected to call for a 15 dollar an hour minimum wage. We’ll have that story in our People’s Bulletin.

    And finally, Trump’s narrative of being opposed to the Iraq War is looking more and more obscene, now that he’s putting together his cabinet. Democratic Lawmakers are calling him out on this. Sadly, only four of them.

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