18:11 GMT27 September 2020
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    BernieBros and BernieSisters Were Right: Clinton is No Progressive

    Unanimous Dissent
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    Remember a couple of months ago when Hillary was calling herself a progressive? Now she’s trying to get conservative support at the “grassroots.” Time makes fools of us all--but especially the liberal hacks, who were fully on the Clinton Progressive Train, and are now silent about her rightward tack.

    And a new Department of Justice Inspector General report finds that private prisons are less safe and less secure than their government-run counterparts. We speak with activist and author James Kilgore on the problems with for-profit incarceration and the broader social ill of mass incarceration.

    Finally, the Two Sams discuss the latest report on intelligence doctoring to paint the war against the Islamic State in a more positive light. This time, the investigation came from Congress. And, it’s Friday, so we throw someone in the Garbage Can.

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