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    Russia Hearings: The Great American Sideshow

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    Andrew Korybko
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    Capitol Hill hosted the first Congressional hearings into the alleged connections between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government, though it’s more smoke and mirrors than anything else.

    So far nothing has been conclusively proven in linking President Trump or his associates to Russia, and whatever so-called ‘evidence’ that has already been presented is extremely flimsy and circumstantial, at best. A much more powerful case could be made in connecting Hillary Clinton and her partners to Russia instead, especially over the controversial uranium deal that investigative journalist Peter Schweizer meticulously described in his landmark book about “Clinton Cash”. However, they’d probably still find out that there’s no direct Russian involvement in American governmental affairs, because Moscow isn’t pulling the strings everywhere like the witch hunters pretend that it is.

    This calls into question the purpose behind this political theater, since it’s clearly not about investigating alleged Russian control over the American government but is driven by completely different motivations. It’s becoming ever more apparent that Trump’s political enemies are out to intimidate him and his team, drawing on their behind-the-curtain ideological or personal connections with Obama and Hillary in order to concoct a series of what are actual conspiracy theories in smearing his reputation. The members of the permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies – or the so-called “deep state” – which are loyal to the previous administration are suspected of being behind this big show, making it an unprecedented intra-governmental conflict which has dramatically spilled over into the public realm.

    While Americans are distracted by this farcical sideshow, very real domestic and international problems are piling up. The effort to repeal and replace the failing Obamacare colossus has run into heavy opposition, and violence in America’s streets still remains as pressing of a challenge as ever. Looking abroad, Trump just dispatched the Army Rangers and even the Marines to Syria, yet hardly any American batted an eye. In the legal sense, the dispatch of conventional ground troops to Syria amounts to an actual invasion, and the very fact that none of this attracted barely any critical attention at all is disturbing, to say the least. What it does show, however, is that both Trump and his opponents are curiously on the same page when it comes to Mideast foreign policy, though most of the public doesn’t know this because they’re too occupied watching the great American sideshow.

    Andrew Korybko is joined by Rodger von Zill, political commentator from North Carolina, and Roger Wilson, Federal trial lawyer from Atlanta, who represents many clients in dealings with the United States Government, including witnesses testifying before Congress.

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